He'd promised me the world — Ade. He'd said I was the most beautiful lady to ever walk the earth. He'd murmured sweet nonsenses into my ears and made me swoon. But it wasn't just his words that made me fall. It was the pride that accompanied being with cynosure of all the maidens' eyes.

His smile, the way it curled at the corners of his mouth and grew into a boyish grin. The strong arms from felling trees and the blisters from handling the axe. All these had drawn me to him.

And like the proverbial Humpty Dumpty, so great was my fall. His words had again drugged me that day and my resolve weakened from his persistence. By a felled tree I'd lost my innocence. Ade lied about it not hurting. His love also was another lie. He'd taken my pride and put me away, only to discover he'd made a dare of me.

Porl Bob Jnr