Dead Again

Taiwo pulled out his shirt’s sleeves from underneath his suit and he cleaned up the drop of tears that had gathered in his eyes. Then he slipped his phone out of his pocket and he dialed the line that had called him earlier. 

“Hello soji. How much will be needed”

“Two hundred thousand naira.” The voice replied brusquely.

“If she doesn’t wake up in two hours’ time, she would need an operation.” The voice went on explaining. 

Taiwo nodded as he ended the call. He signed and he looked up at the roof. He pushed back his chair and he stood up to his feet. He went for the window blind and he pulled it. His head worked like a speedometer. All he was processing was how and where he would get two hundred thousand naira in two hours. Business was bad, the recession was eating up his business. Everyone will prefer saving for a bag of rice than pay for an expensive portrait.

He picked up the invoices on his table and he went through them again. They all, were addressing the debt he was owning. His landlord had threaten to throw him out of his office if he saw no credit alert from him before the end of the month. 

Taiwo adjusted his suit as he moved across his small office. His large collar was giving him so much problem. He got close to the door and he reached for the small switch close to the exit. He thumbed it and the light in the office went off.

Taiwo sat in the cab that conveyed him home and he engaged his mind in deep thoughts. Why would it be my mother? Why the accident? He thought. The report that came to him through soji made him aware of the fact that the driver who drove the bus she was in, died on the very spot. 

Taiwo paused, taking himself out of the realm of thoughts as he wiped away the drop of tear that was making ways down his cheek. His eye had gone red and his face had gone hard all of a sudden with his eye bag swollen. 


“I am sorry man but there is nothing I can do” The first voice hit him. He bent his neck forming an arc and he broke into his contact list again searching for hope. 

Samuel, his friend who was currently working with Heritage Bank was where he thought he would get help again. 

“The MTN line you are trying to call is currently switched off.” The programmed voice came at him. He tightened his phone in his grip and he hit it consecutively on the seat. He looked up and he caught the driver’s angry gaze. 

“Sorry” He said from the side of his mouth. Taiwo picked up his phone and he began to send offline messages to all his whatsapp friend who could help.

Thoughts about his mother flooded his memory again and that made hot tears burn down his cheek. He could feel the pain of losing a mother kicking against his heart. 

“How many more minutes, sir.”

“Twenty.” The driver answered hurriedly. 

“Luth is just around the corner” he added.

Taiwo’s phone blinked and he caught it. He picked it up and he went through the message. 

“Have you asked your girl. I spoke with her this morning and she said she would be paying for her rent tomorrow. She must have the money with her.” Taiwo took in an air of relief. He could recollect Tola’s house rent was due. But the last time they spoke she said she was waiting for her uncle to send her a sum of One hundred and fifty thousand naira. 

Yeah, that was it- Taiwo thought. He told the driver to turn around. So they headed Tola’s house. He promised to triple the driver’s bill. If he could cover the long distance quickly without running into trouble. 


Tawio stepped out of the cab. He slammed the cab’s door close and he peeped at the driver’s. “Ten minutes, please.” He begged.  He adjusted his sleeves and he crossed the road. He could see lights in the building, but the street was too dark that he could hardly see his shadow. He walked right through her gate. It was just few minutes pass eight. A lot of people weren’t home yet. Taiwo made it for the stairs and he began to scale it largely till he reached the sixth floor. He leaned towards the ground. His hands resting on his knees as he took out an air of relief.  He felt pain all through his back. He looked up and a bolt of surprise broke out his face. Tola would never lock the door with her curtain outside. He thought. Two things had happened. It is either, she is in or someone else locked the door for her. He moved closer to the door and he knocked gently. After his 26th knock. He stopped and he went for his phone. He dialed her line and it rang. She didn’t pick until the third time.

“Tee” she said faintly, panting. He sensed it straight away. She was under pressure. 

“What’s wrong” He asked impatiently. 

“I am not at home. Please call me back in two hours time. Bye” She managed to say. He stocked the phone to his ears. She must had thought He had the call dropped as usual. But no he didn’t. He could hear her moan loudly from the other side. His heart was ready to skip a beat. It skipped a beat. He ended the call quickly as he drove his butt towards the ground. He rubbed his nose vigorously and he rushed down the stairs. He was half way down when a call came in. 

“How is she.” He asked in an unstable tone. 

“She just woke up now.”

“Thank God.” He sighed then he continued. “I am on my way.” 

Taiwo crossed the road as he moved towards the cab that had brought him. The driver was waiting patiently for him outside the car. 

“LUTH” He ordered as he climbed into the car. 

He could feel the pain running through him, like it had been mixed with is blood. He could not explain how he felt. But he knew all he feared the most was beginning to happen to him. The last thing he would have heard was Tola cheating on him. He heard it!!! He would have never forgiven himself if his mother had died before he got there. Thank God she was awake. 

He looked up at his phone as he heard a buzz. 

It was a text from Soji. He rushed at it quickly and his nerves twisted, sending a nut of pain through his veins.

“She is dead!!!” The message showed up attached with a tears emoji. “Stoppppppp.” He yelled. The driver stepped on the break pad. He turned around and his face came in contact with Taiwo’s fist. He fell back smashing his head on the side mirror. Taiwo stepped down. He looked left and right and he noticed no car was coming. He pulled down the bloody driver out of the cab and he rolled him into the gutter.  

He held the wheels firm as the car engine roared into life again. He put the car into reverse and the car move backwards. 


A tall skinny lady moved down a long stair in the arms of a taller guy with a broad chest almost twice the width of her ass. She leaned on him close to the stairs and she smiled as his face drew closer to hers. They had a deep and passionate kiss and like that wasn’t enough. The guy went for her blouse as he pulled himself closer to her almost squeezing her on the rails. He crushed his lips against hers again.

A still cough stopped them as a woman passed by, climbing up the stairs. She cursed them under her breath as she stopped to take another look. The skinny girl pulled the guy down the stairs, they made it into the passage avoiding any close contact till they were outside the house, standing in front of the gate. 

The guy stood close to her and he smiled as he managed to locate her eyes in the dark. She helped him out as she drew her face closer to his pulling down his head. 

“I enjoyed my night.” She whispered and she smiled. She drove her lips towards his lips and before a contact was made. A strong light hit them. It was from a car. They blocked the rays with their hands and before they knew what was happening the car was running them down.

The skinny girl turned her face up. She sensed one of her legs was broken and probably her ribs. She could feel the pain, but she couldn’t explain why she wasn’t screaming. The other guy was laying close to her. The car had one of it’s tyre on his head. 

She sensed the driver was up for something more dangerous as the tyre crashed back into the ground. She could see the car go into reverse. She saw a figure lean out of the car and she caught something familiar. The face. Before she could process her next thought, the car was running over her face. 


Taiwo drove speedily out of a junction and he faced the fastest route that would take him out of the police radar and lead him to LUTH. So he would see his mother’s body before she was fixed. He felt satisfied and his urge to kill was beginning to die down. 

He sighted a road block far off and he felt his breath been trapped in his lungs. His phone buzzed as he slowed down. There was no way he could totally clean up the blood he had on his face. Probably the driver’s car had been found and the police knew who they were looking for. He dug out a handkerchief as he wiped his face clean to his neck. 

“Move on” A police man waved him to pass without looking at his face. He stepped on his acceleration pad quickly and he zoomed off. “Hello soji, has she been fixed.” Taiwo asked eagerly. 

“No.” The voice replied.

“She just woke up again” Soji said and the call dropped. Taiwo knew he had one more chance to see his mother. Either ways, tonight would be his only chance. The police would be everywhere looking for him the next day. He would be arrested for two murders and one attempted murdered, and he would have to spend the rest of his lives behind the bars. He prayed under his breathe that his mother would not die again before he got to the hospital.