Light rushed into a room as a door was kicked opened. A man with a broken arm staggered in. He looked far off and his eyes fell on the part of the wall that was falling apart. He looked left and he fell into the ground on his broken arm. He grunted in pain, still grateful his head was intact. The house was going to collapse on him in few minutes if he doesn’t get the transmitter out the hole it had been kept for emergency purpose. He looked far off and he saw the wall east wing crumbling into dust. A section of the house went down and that spurred him up to his feet. He staggered forward, holding his left arm to his side as blood poured out of his wounds. His shoes were wet, blood bleeding off it. 

He reached a shelf attached to the wall at the extreme end of the room and he struggled to break it open. He tightened his fist and smashed it against the glass shielding of the shelf. He reached out for the transmitter with blood surging out of his fingers. There was another massive break down in a section of the house. He fell to the ground and his breathe came out harder. He blew his hair out of his face and he began to crawl out of the room. He got half way, seeing so much energy he had expelled. He stopped and he began to operate the transmitter. 

It was broken. He looked around and soon he found a note. He scrambled towards it and he struggled to slip out of his pocket a brown pen with a chipped end. 

He leaned on his stomach and he began to write. 

“I am a victim and the only survival of the midterm bomb blast 1999.

I am kichirou and this is the last piece I have left. The rest of my troop is dead. no one was outside the base camp when the bomb rocked. 

This is to rectifier an error, preventing any further damage. We broke through the last Japanese border on the 13th of august 1999. We failed to file a report after we received an Intel that our new base camp would be destroyed. 

We made sure we checked all incoming trucks and we missed Lieutenant Iwao’s car, from the base camp in north Japan. We were framed. The bomb was the first and other’s came up later. It was all a sign for the enemies on the eagle wing to tear us apart. This wasn’t just the work of the enemies. An insider helped. 

Reported as witnessed. I might be dead before you get here. Watch the team. We have the enemies amidst us.”

He dropped the pen and he folded the note, sliding it into the sleeves of his uniform. He took one shoe off to tell the general he had a message and it was in his sleeves then he close up his eyes. 

Memories came back and he saw it like a flash vision blended with bright lights. The lieutenant’s car been over looked by the corporal who stood at the gate. The bombs came up minutes later and more bombs began to explode. Gun fires came up later. It all had been planned. None of the cars were checked and all the reports given by the corporals about the camp's safety were fake. The corporals were bugs. They took down the whole camp. The gun fire said it all…


A man with a beret on, and a red band running around his sleeves stood outside the demolished camp. He watched other solider carry out dead bodies from the camp, piling up the bodies in a spot. He watched closely and he saw one of the dead soldiers without a left shoe. 

“Bring over that body.” He said and he watched two soldiers rush towards the pile of dead soldiers. They returned to him with the body of a soldier. His left hand seems broken. 

“He might tell us what happened here.” The solider with the red band said. He went for the sleeves of the dead solider and after a minute he came up with a blood stained note. He spread it opened and his eyes went through it. He folded it up after a minute and he slid it down his breast pocket. He came up with a frown and spoke to the solider on his side who happen to also be a senior officer. 

“Get all the corporals assembled here. Someone within did this.” 

  ©Godwin Okhuoya