Clowns from mars Eps 50.

Kelvin sat in a cab and he took his mind off the route. It was late and the street light guided their part. 

Kelvin went deep into thought as he reflected all that had happened in two days. The robbery and Fosa's attitude. It all kept a ball crushing the left part of his heart. 

Fosa wanted him to let go of the reward he would be given for helping the gang rob the bank. He never said a 'yes' to that neither did it say a 'No'. He got out of the house the moment he got the very text he had been waiting for as per the agreement he had with Key. 

It was a Five hundred thousand dollars pay out. 

Heaven will have to come on earth if Kelvin would be stopped from laying his hands on the money. He wanted a reward for every thing he had done. He knew if he was no part of the plan, the robbery would have been no way close to been successful. 

Kelvin got out the moment he received a message from Key about the location he would cash his own share of the stolen money and he took a cab down to location.

The driver swung the car to the left as he honked angrily at the bike rider who had rushed out of the junction without notice, and the cab slowed down getting behind an old broken Peugeot. Kelvin stepped out into the deserted street and he looked around, then he moved closer to the broken car, which was in front of an abandoned store. The whole street looked abandoned and framed. No street light, no movement, no noise nothing that spotted life in the street was present. 

He moved towards the cab's wind shield and he tightened his fist. He smashed it against the wind shield and he paused looking at blood pouring out his hands. The moon light illumed the environment and he smashed his fist against the wind shield again. He didn't stop till he got his way in, then he stretched and he picked up something from a dash board. 

He matched towards the trunk of the car and he pushed in the key he had collected from the dashboard into the lock then he pulled it open.

His smiled grew cold and he glowered, the bag had been unzipped. He pulled it closer to himself and his breath went heavy noticing the bag was empty. He looked around to see if the money was poured somewhere, and he found nothing.

He dug out his phone and he forwarded a call to Key.

"What is this... I can't find the money in there."

"What do you mean." The cold voice stroke him.

"Did you see the key." The voice asked again.

"Yeah I did. Did you even drop anything in there." 

"What do you mean by that."

"Look... Key I am sorry." Kelvin pulled the bag closer to himself and he peeped in.

"The bag had been unzipped."

"I told you not to tell anyone. Did you?"

"I didn't...Key I swear...I didn't"

"There is nothing I can do. I can't double pay you."

"But you set up this scene, why..." The call went off from the other end. Kelvin noticed immediately and he took the phone off his ear. He chewed his lips as his hands began to shake. He tried Key's line again and it was switched off. He tried it over and over again. It was a dead line. 

He scratched his nose irrationally and he whisked. He moved closer to the old car and he kicked it angrily. He had just been kicked out of the game. His reward had just been stolen. He rubbed his face with his palm as tears dropped down his cheek. He kicked against the car's bumper and there was a tear underneath him.

He got back into the cab when he got nothing and he returned home with a broken heart, a broken mind and a torn trouser.  

He walked into the living room and he sank into the couch. The celling fan blade rocked gently above his head and he didn't know when he began to cry again. He noticed he loosed it all and the whole race he ran had been in vain.

Fosa walked in minutes later with dinner in a tray, it was yellow Eba and vegetable soup. 

"You don't look fine. Were you robbed on the road." Fosa began. Kelvin said nothing.

"Were you raped on the way." Fosa said again.

Kelvin sniffed and he crossed his hands against his chest.

"They played me."

"They played you!" Fosa repeated.

"I was played. When I got there, there was no money."

Fosa laughed. He dropped the food, then he sank into the couch. 

"I told you to let go of the reward. You just got your ass served."

"Don't you get it. I promised to bring our parents to Lagos. Isn't that not one of what you asked for."

"Yeah I know." Fosa said gently.

"How will I do that without cash. Don't you know I would have to pay people to do that. We can't go into that village and get them ourselves. We can't go back to the office and work. We might be kicked out of this house. I had huge plans for us." Kelvin fired. 

"I wanted to get us a car. I wanted us to live big after this. I wanted to make it up to you. I never wanted to..."

"I know all this Kelvin. But I don't want this kind of money." Fosa said, touching Kelvin's shoulder. 

Kelvin shrugged and he whisked again. Fosa could smell regret off him and he knew what next to do.

Fosa stood up and he left the living room. He returned minutes later. He sank back into the couch and he spoke.

"Remember the bald fat man who approached me the moment we got to the back room after the show." Kelvin looked up at him. 

"Did he tell you he will steal the cash from me." 

"No... He said he wanted something." Fosa pulled out an envelope and he passed it to Kelvin. Kelvin took it slowly and he ripped it open. He stared unbelievably at the content and he threw a glance at Fosa's blank face.

" The man wanted to create a movie with our experience. I mean the show, all we said in there." Kelvin listened as Fosa spoke on. "He wanted us on his project. To write script or so... He even talked about us acting. He said the movie will would be named clown from mars." Fosa smiled. 

"He gave me a Ten thousand dollars cheque just to show seriousness." 

"Is this the cheque." Kelvin asked.

"Yeah... He promised more, the moment we start work. He told me to call him the moment I cash out. But I told him, we would have to work together. Then he signed me another cheque." Fosa slipped out another envelope, and Kelvin ripped it opened quickly. He started at another Ten thousand dollars cheque.

"Is this real." Kelvin said, surprised.

"Yes man. Clown from mars will be a movie. We will be movie stars."

"Is this real." Kelvin asked again with the cheques in his hands. 

"How much is this in Naira." Kelvin asked again.

"I thought you were still mourning your reward."

"Abegii... Reward is gone jawe." Kelvin said. He looked into Fosa's eyes, and he jumped on him dropping the cheques. 


3 Hours ago. 

Fosa moved into the living room and he sank into the couch. He heard a beep and he looked right, taking his eyes off the Tv screen. It was a message and it dropped into Kelvin's phone.

He picked it up quickly knowing the exact kind of message Kelvin was expecting. He looked around and his eyes narrowed down the hallway. Kelvin wasn't around. 

He dug out his phone and he went through his contact. 

He selected a number and he copied the message that was on Kelvin's phone into his then he sent it to the number he had selected. He returned the phone back to where he found it and he sneaked out of the apartment into the passage and he forwarded a call to the number he had sent a text.

"Yeah... I just got the address now. Follow the instruction in the text and get the cash. There is a part there about the key. Do that carefully without notice.... Definitely, he is going know. But it will be like a surprise.... The message says the cash is in the trunk... Fine... 500,000 Dollars. It must be complete ooo... Take the key carefully o... Ok... Bye... Mumu hear voice. We are donating it to the less privilege oooo, no touch am o abeg." He looked around noticing a sound. He confirmed it was noting and he placed the phone closer to his ear. "Don't donate it yet xha. I will confirm you didn't touch it... Of course I will pay you... Fine be quick." He ended the call and he slipped back into the living room. He thought about a backup plan and he picked up Kelvin's phone. He walked into the passage and he began to scream up top of his voice.

"Kelvin...Kelvin... Kelvin... You just got a text."

"A text!" Fosa's voice knocked off from afar.

"I already mistakenly opened it oooo." Fosa added. 


©Godwin Okhuoya