Clowns from Mars Eps 49

Fosa waited outside a seven story building, it was the morrow of another day. He leaned on a cab door and he folded his hands against his chest. He coughed with his palm shielding his mouth as he waited for his friend to move closer, and when Kelvin got closer he was flipped a sweat shirt. 

"At last." Fosa said. He waited for Kelvin to climb in and he followed. Fosa slammed the cab's door close and beckoned to the driver to move out.

"What about the lawyer." Fosa asked.

"I don't know." Kelvin replied. "He should be going home now self." He added. 

"So what's next? Are you good with plans." Fosa asked.

The cab drove through a sloppy route and the driver rolled up the windows to prevent dust from getting in.

"Posi is next." Kelvin said off the side of his mouth.

"Don't tell me you..."

"I did."

"You did!" Fosa repeated.


"Don't say it." Fosa closed his ears with his fingers. 

"I slept with her." The driver let out a loud gulp.

"You slept with her... Oh God." Fosa kelvched under his breath, clenching his fingers into a fist.

"But that's not it." Kelvin began again. "She saw the mask." "Rasheed might pick her before noon." 

"Wait!!!" Fosa whispered as he grazed his hair with his hands. 

"How many times did you..." He created a circular figure with his thumb resting end to end with his index finger as he went deep into the figurative circle created, with the index finger of his free hand.

"Many times."

"Jesus... Many times!"

"I will stab you if you don't stop all of that." Kelvin said angrily.

The went silent for a while and Kelvin spoke again.

"She saw the gun and the mask." 

"Darn... How come."

"I was very careless."

"You fucked everything up." Fosa shrugged and a frown spread across his face.

Kelvin told the driver about his change in plans now he Wants to a ride to Deji's house.

Kelvin hanged around Deji's house and the moment he confirmed that Posi had gone out, he sneaked in. He was familiar with where the key was placed and slipping into the house was easy for him. He made no suspicious sound and he bothered not to say a word when the old blind man was screaming "Who is there"


6Hours later

Rasheed stowed out of his suit a parcel and he handed it over to Posi. She ripped it open carefully and she brought out a picture. She looked around to see what was happening outside the car but the tinted glasses deprived her of that. 

"You will be fine" Rasheed said silently. Posi stared at the picture with her brown forming an arc and she began to nod her head horizontally. 

"You don't know him." Rasheed asked.

"I don't" she replied. Rasheed collected the picture from her and he looked at it as if he had given her the wrong picture. 

"You don't know him." He said affirmatively, with his finger pressed against the picture.

"I am sorry. I don't know him." Posi replied. She leaned back on the car's seat and she whisked. 

"His name is Kelvin. He used your home address to secure a Hall in surulere."  She collected the picture from him and she stared at it again. 

"He looks lean here. Where did you get this picture."

"My God. So you know him."

Posi took up the picture closer to her face. 

"Yeah I do." She looked into Rasheed's eyes and her eyes flashed surprise.

"Nothing." Rasheed replied. He let his hands down his pocket and he brought out a mask. 

"Have you seen this before."

"Not at all." She replied immediately. "Why asking." She added.

"So you haven't seen anything that looks like this before." Rasheed asked again. His breathe went heavy as he awaited a reply. Posi gave a negative nod and she backed it up with a solid 'no'. The look in her eyes convinced Rasheed she won't say more than she had said. 


4 Hours earlier. 

Kelvin sat on the couch in the living room and he called to Fosa who was trying to get something from the kitchen. 

"I should call her now." Kelvin said on top of his voice.

"What's the time." Fosa yelled back.

"hmmmm..." Kelvin looked at his wrist. There was no wrist watch on it. He mumbled as he tried finding the wall clock.

"11:35" He replied on top of his voice.

"Call her." Fosa yelled back.

Kelvin picked up his phone and he called Posi warning her about someone coming to meet her asking about anything that would be related to the mask she had seen with him. He told her not to say a word and to deny she ever saw the mask with him. She disagreed at first but she had no choice when she got an MMS seconds later. In it was a picture snapped. Her art box was opened and the mask was hooked in one corner slightly shielded with a plane drawing sheet. That would implicate her if she told the truth about Kelvin. 

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