Clowns from mars Eps48

Kelvin was held for interrogation for over an hour and nothing meaningful was sourced from him. Rasheed made sure he handled it. They asked why he changed his name when he wanted to book the hall and he gave a long explanation, gnarly enough to convince Rasheed that he had nothing to do with the robbery. They talked about the mask and he was keen to the fact that he wasn't the main man behind the funding of the shows and everything else that made the show hold, he even abjured the fact that he knew nothing about the mask. He talked about a man who gave him a slot for performance and management. 

It wasn't up to an hour when Fosa, Stella and the Manager of the hotel were also picked up for interrogations. They said the same thing Kelvin said, except Fosa who mentioned the fact that he was with Kelvin and he refused to say nothing more. 

Stella said the same thing with the hotel manager. 'A guy gave them the appointment and the deal was locked down on phone.' Rasheed asked about payment and they told him the man wired money into their account the very moment the deal was sealed, and when Rasheed compared the accounts that sent them all money, they carried different IDs. It had been well planned. 

Kelvin was detained for few more hours as rasheed continued with the interrogation. Fosa, Stella and the Manager were freed later, but they were kept in sight. A lawyer appeared from no where and stood for Kelvin. 

He was seated in a room with rasheed for over 15 minutes and Rasheed promised to let go of Kelvin after 24 Hours if there was no cogent proof that Kelvin was involved in the robbery. 

Rasheed extracted every file that backed up the plans of the event, the advert, how high profiled people attended the show and how everyone worked on the show been employed by an invisible boss who they knew nothing about. 

Fosa was allowed to see Kelvin after much pressure and Kelvin's lawyer made sure a room was set up without wires or recorder. 

Kelvin moved over to the lawyer who was in a black blazer and a white well ironed trouser. 

"Thanks." Said Kelvin.

"You welcome." The lawyer replied.

"I am frank Ayeyemi. Key sent me." 

"I know."

"Your own share is ready." Frank said. Kelvin looked back and he noticed Fosa's eyes was on him. He prayed he wasn't eavesdropping. 

Frank understood what that meant and he whispered the rest of his words into Kelvin's ear. 

Kelvin closed up the door and he moved back. He sat on the long settee Fosa was seated on and he took out a deep breathe. 

Fosa laughed. "The show was great."

"Yeah it was." Kelvin replied, glaring at the energy saving bulb, illuminating the room. 

"You did absolutely well, friend. We were fulfilled. Do you know how many people came." Kelvin said with a hook of surprise jotting down his tone.

Fosa nodded smashing his lips close against each other. "I saw it. I heard big people came." Said Fosa.

Kelvin chuckled and it all died up birthing a long hush. 

"You were involved." Fosa said silently, holding Kelvin's hand. 

"Ye...a...h." Kelvin Wavered in a low pitch. 

"They don't know yet?" Fosa asked. 

Kelvin sniffed as he pulled up water running down his nose. 

"I am with you." Fosa let out and he got a strange stare from Kelvin. 

"Is there something you should tell me." Fosa asked as he watched a drop of tear narrow down his friend's cheek.


"You conspired with my girlfriend to claim her pregnancy." Fosa broke in and he went mute briskly.

"Noooo... I didn't sleep with her."

"I never said you did. She was raped and she told you first instead of me. You told her to tell her parents foolishly that you were responsible. Was that to swallow up the shame." Fosa said regretfully. 

"I am sorry."

"I know you are. It is stupid of you to try to do such. I am in love with her. You should have let her tell me."

"You won't have taken it too."

"I know... But..." Fosa sealed up his lips as he wiped off the stream of tears fall off his chin.

Fosa clasps his hands regretfully and he went against his lips with his teeth.

"You followed me from the village with a second plan and you killed pa Joseph in the process." Kelvin's jaw dropped.

"Ohhh. Was that a mistake?"  

 "I swear I didn't..."

"Shhhh. That was what I thought at first. But you did kill him."

Kelvin grinned his teeth against each other.

"It wasn't intentional. He wanted to attack me." Kelvin said in a low tone. 

Fosa sniffed. "What about the reward for all of this." He grinned as he went mute. 

Kelvin shrugged "I am sorry for everything. At first I thought I would use you."

"Yeah... I knew all of that. When you allowed yourself to be arrested instead of me, was that your repentance." Fosa paused, looking into Kelvin's deep eyes. 

"It was weird. The whole process got me pushed to make my own research. You know what I found?"

"What?" Kelvin asked coldly. 

"I saw the mask and the gun in your bag weeks before the show." There was a sudden spark inside of Kelvin. 

"I can walk out of this door and tell that guy about all of this." Fosa said firmly. 

He started into Kelvin's eyes and he saw what he always wanted to see. That foolish look. That look that indirectly cried for mercy.

"But I won't..." He went silent looking deep into Kelvin's eyes "I wont under one condition." He added.

"What's that." Kelvin replied almost immediately.  


Dec 23 9:23pm

Key sat a mug on a ceramic tray and he looked at his side with a thick smile. Remi took his feet out of his shoes with the help of his hands and he folded it on the couch. He stumbled out a stick of cigarette and he stretched to pick up the lighter off the same table Key's tray was seated. 

"You won't stop smoking." Key said from the side of his mouth as he picked up the mug and he drove it opened end towards his lips. He took a nosy sip and he exhaled with steam ascending into the roof off the mug. 

"You haven't told me about the last part of the escape plan. If we have to use plan B." Remi asked.

Key smiled as he grazed his breads. 

" The mask. You said something I didn't grab. Why will the 3rd guy open it and flash the CCTV cam, his face." Remi continued.

Key laughed. "The police or whose over will trace us will use CCTV cameras to track us. They will see the face and they would conclude they will find the face, that will make them think about a second plan. They will get to the hall to find out that everyone in there has a mask on." Remi smiled.

"Master mind." Remi said aloud. He clapped as he repeated the same word.

"And when they think about their plan B, we are off with plan C." Key added, wrapping his fingers around the mug.

©Godwin Okhuoya