Clowns from mars Eps47.

Rasheed rested his back against the chopper's seat and he coughed, with his face expressing his state of mind. He was in total agitation. All he had left was just his head and he was going to use it. He knew catching the thieves would now be close to impossible. 

His eyes went away and he saw nothing else except himself standing abaft bars. His imagination was at work pushing him to the extreme. 

He sprang up out of thought, all at once as he closed his eyes firmly against each other. 

He flicked open his eyes after some few seconds and he tapped the lady on his side. 

"What have you gotten."

"Nothing yet sir." She said. "We haven't spotted the name." She added. He nodded and he spoke again.

"Tell the ICT team to hack into the CCTV recordings within the region and track the car." 

"We don't have the license sir." The lady said.

"Do it. I will tender explanations to the board later." Rasheed fired.

"Ok." She said as she mailed the head of the ICT team at stone room.

They got Intel 15 minutes later. With locations and point. 

They confirmed the Benz rode into the blue roof hotel and resort, one of the biggest in Surulere and that the car went west gate in the Hotel's compound.

Rasheed ordered the pilot to take them to the hotel, and quickly they located an open field with cars waiting. The field was just few blocks away from the hotel. They got into the car and they rode straight towards the hotel. 

They got to the hall where the show was transpiring and unluckily for them, they were a bit late. The show was about to end. They entered and they noticed everyone was in a mask. Rasheed wanted every one out of the mask, but when he heard about those who came for the show. He knew that would be a move that would kick him into trouble. He might even loses the thieves if he had tried that.

He got a search warrant signed and he ordered the parking lot to be searched. They found the Benz minutes later with a Plate number different from what the CCTV camera showed them. 

They got the Benz trunk opened and nothing was in it, no even a single pin. 

Rasheed looked up as he heard an outbreak of noise. People were flooding out of the hall towards the parking lot. The show must have ended- He thought.

He picked two men and he tramped angrily into the hall. He knew where the organisers of the show would be, he had spotted Fosa jumping up and down on the stage trying to make people laugh when he got in close to the end of the show and he wasn't allowed to stay long in the hall without a mask. 

Fosa was who he was looking for. 

He spotted a lady on the far end of the hall with a tag pinned to her blouse and he moved closer to her with a man following him.

"Sorry sister. I would like to see the man who just performed, the short one." She looked up at him.

"It is business." He added with a swift smile. 

"He is back stage. Room 2. Ask when you get there, his name is Moses."

"Thanks." Rasheed said as he made his way to the back room. He got lost after a minute and he found his way after he asked several people he met on the way for directives.

He got in and he saw over twenty people surrounding two guys. He spotted Fosa immediately and he knew he was the one called Moses. He stretched his hands and an ID dropped in it from the guy on his right as he moved closer. They had seen them coming and they had their eyes on them. 

"Mr moses please step forward we would like to have a word with you. I am rasheed from stone room INV, with me is inspector Ajana." Fosa looked up, spooked and he didn't know when spit wanted to fall off his lips.

"Why do you need him. Is it for interrogations concerning the show." Kelvin said. 

Rasheed beamed at him.

"And who are you. I am Hillarie I organised the show." Fosa turned at Kelvin, his heart hammered faster against his rib cage and confusion was tabled in his head, his mouth was going wet quickly and he was swallowing up his spit in every two seconds.

"You need to have words with me instead." Kelvin added.

Rasheed smiled moving closer to Kelvin. 

"Then who is he." Rasheed said, pointing to Fosa.

"He is just on my team like everyone here."

"If you say so. Then my hillarie we would like to have a few of your minutes with us in our station." Rasheed said. He passed the ID to Ajana and he stepped out of the way for Kelvin.

©Godwin Okhuoya