Clowns from mars Eps46.

The old Benz was curbed down towards west gate. Key stepped on his break pad sighting the parking lot. He twitched the car backward and he swung it towards the left, facing the parking lot. The Hall was just few meters away from the parking lot. They got out of the car and they changed their cloths. They left the Benz outside and they moved towards the hall.

A group of cleaner entered the parking lot filled with close to an hundred cars, and they spotted the Benz then they moved towards it. They were five in number, they stood the Benz's trunk. They pulled it open and they set their eyes on two big bags. They opened their bin and one of them stepped forward to unzip the bags. Soon they began to load the cash into their bins and when they were done they changed the plate number of the Benz. Just one bin was left empty and unfilled. They stuffed the bags into the bin and they vanished.

Dec 23rd 7:30 pm.

Kelvin felt the urge to use the toilet but he knew he had to visit the food lord trying all his best to make a good meal for the night. It wasn't bad. Fosa was good at stirring the wheat.

Kelvin stood at the doorway and he coughed. Fosa looked up and he glinted a foster smile. 

"Are you done arranging the living room." Fosa said.

"Yeah, I even mopped the walls." Fosa chucked. 

" Be quick we need to rehearse our lines again."

"I know, don't act like papa." Kelvin took a deep breathe realising where the conversation might lead to. 

"I need to check my self out now."

"You need it, Your are running mad again." Fosa said.

"What about those people out there. I guess we are not..." He added.

"Yeah we are not. Not tonight." Kelvin smashed up, pricking his nose. 

"So, we won't be doing that tonight. The people will be waiting." Fosa said. He took his hands off the turning stick and he clasp his palm together. 

"Every bit of this. Don't worry, let's shine tomorrow." Kelvin said, he dropped his hands close to his side as he felt the twist in his belle. 

Fosa gawked and he noticed Kelvin wasn't in the door way any more. He heard him pushing doors opened forcefully and he understood what that meant. 

"No spoil the toilet oooo." Fosa shrieked.

Kelvin got into the toilet and he began to fire. He shield his nose like he doesn't want the air in and he smiled after a while. He remembered he needed to speak with Key and he got out his phone. 

He dialed key's line and he listened to the voice coming over. 

He caught the thick voice and he spoke into the phone's mouth piece, as he grabbed his belt. 

"Yeah... I am fine." 

"And how is the preparation from your side." 


" Anything for me."

"Nothing... I was just wandering why you didn't let us use our names. They will definitely trace it." 

A strong laughter came from the other side. It ended quickly and a thick voice popped up.

"They will, but they will use database and registration sheet. That will take time, so we would be done before they trace us."

"Fine..." Kelvin said.

"How will we get out."

"Ohhhh. Kelvin I thought we have talked about this Fosa will be arrested..." The voice paused. Kelvin whisked loudly, knowing not what to say next. 

©Godwin Okhuoya