Clowns from mars Eps 45

Kelvin pulled Fosa back stage and he handed over a mask to him. Fosa studied the mask with a suspicious eyes under the light and he noticed it was the same mask he had seen in his bag.

"But I..." Fosa stopped talking sensing an urge in him to keep shut.

"But you what?" Kelvin repeated. His eyes met Fosa's compelling eyes and he nodded watching Fosa put on the mask. He held out his own mask and he wore it. He conceived a smile behind the mask, hitting Fosa on the shoulder. Let's go lit up the show. They stepped out of the room they were and they walked through the narrow passage leading to the stage.

It was no small show. The hall was filled to the brim and the whole strategy worked out.

The big men he wanted were out of number and that was a big work from the director. He wife to Deputy governor of the state was in attendance with her P.A. Some other top government officials were around including head of top organizations in the state. How that was done was non of Kelvin's business but the repeated note of warning he had sent to the director had triggered that.

The music went on gently and Kelvin climbed up the stage in his nasty costume. Fosa was on his side and as planned. Light came on him and he began.

"Thank you.. Thank you... A round of a plus for all who came. Thank you..." They all jammed their hands repeated. 

"And again Thank you all for using the mask." They kept on clapping as he spoke.

"Hey don't let him bribe you all with those claps. He knowns his own part of this won't be fun and you all will still have to choose who the best it." Fosa said.

"Goat!!!" Kelvin said out loud, shaking his head. 

They went on and on, cracking people's ribs. Every one forgot about status and those who had enough strength loosed it all until they began to roll on the floor. 

Fosa went at a point to crack a joke about they first day in the city. 

He went over how he was humiliated on his first visit into a bank. 

"I entered and no one noticed me. I saw a very long queue and I was scared. I had to go back and I began to knock. Thank God the security guy was quick enough. I would have pull down the door." There was an eruption of laughter from the audience.

They kept on talking and talking. It was more than just any show. It was like two foolish clowns talking about their whole experience. Camera's were every where and the available media crew made sure it was live on designated stations. That was way out of what they planned. 


Four jeeps Stood outside a bank and they watched. Four brand new cars park in front of the bank six men stepped out each from the cars and they joined the queue behind the ATM stand.

Rasheed looked out of the chopper window as he got a call he listened and after the call his face harden up.

He looked at the lady on his side and he spoke.

"They just changed plan. The twelve cars that left bariga splinted into three different banks and there was no activity they went to the ATM queue straight." 

"With the record here the cars should be 14." They lady said. 

"Yeah, we don't know how the remaining cars look like."

"Let me call those on the road. I asked men to block every route out the marked zone." Rasheed said. He pulled out his phone and he forwarded a call.

"How far.... Did you check all the cars... Except one!" There was an hike in his pitch. 

"Nooooo. You should have checked it." He ended the call. 

"One cars slipped pass the road block without been checked."

"One cars!" The Lady repeated. 

"Yeah. They said it was from an accident a benze was towing a damaged pouch. The benze was checked but the damaged pouch wasn't. They have amours loaded in the damaged pouch the police didn't check." Rasheed said.

He picked up his phone and he forwarded another call.

"Where was the benze heading.... Surulere!...Okay" He ended the call and he whisked. 

"It went to surulere." The lady touched her self as she sensed something vibrating through her. She dug out her phone and she gave it to Rasheed.

" A call from the State head of security. He must have been trying your line." Rasheed collected the phone and he placed it close to His ear. His look changed as he listened. 

He ended the call and he passed a message to the pilot. 

"Over to GPM bank Surulere." He looked at the lady on his side. "The target was GPM bank all this while. We missed. They just made it away with 70 million dollars." 

"What do we do"

" Track them"


"They left in the benze. Send a message now. All road should be blocked." Rasheed said. She grabbed her tab and she began to dish out mails. 

Rasheed's phone beeped and he received the call.

"Thank God you called. Check all the events happening 2 Kms away from the bank. Give me a feed back a soon as possible." He took the phone off his ear looking the lady in the face. 

"I will call you back." He said and he ended the call.

"I just received an Intel now from Dayo about their escape plan." The lady began.

"Is it legit." Rasheed asked.

"Definitely. Just as we thought. They would use an event."

"Who are we looking for." 

"All hotels 2 km away from the bank should have their logs checked. And any hall booked for today under the name Kelvin Mandi should be reported." 

"Fine. Pass that across to the ICT team tell them to break into necessary data base and  access every hotel files in that range now."

" OK sir." She replied as she held on to her tab.

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