Clowns from mars Eps 44.

They all came together for another rehearsal on the 19th of December and they had all their acts perfected. 

The whole performance was lit and everything was in place. The editors already had the video fixed and perfected. 

Kelvin met all the necessary departments that would make the show work out. 

They had issues with the lights again and it took over an hour to get it fixed. 

Fosa got the parking lot clean and free of dirt. 


Dec 24

A chopper hovered above a tall scrapper and it stayed high in the air, moving in a close circle, and it noisy blade kept the atmosphere blatant. 

A tall man in a fitted blue blazer and a black skinny trouser a bit above his ankle stepped out of an elevator. He walked away across the hallway and the elevator door closed up behind him.

He faced a door on his left and he went for it handle as soon as he got close enough. He pulled it down and a crackling sound tapped his instinct about the opened door.

He pushed the door backward with easy and he stepped into the wide office.

Shelves leaned on the wall on the right and his eyes fell on the table in front of him. 

"What the hell was that." The man seated behind the table yelled. 

"Sir I don't know what it is. But it is official. Look what we've got." The Man in a blazer stowed out of his suit a 8 inches Inote. 

"I just got a mail this morning." He said, passing the note into the man's opened hands.

"It is from the state head of security." 

"So when will they be off our roof." The man seated asked.

"I don't know." The man in blazer said. He collected his note and he slid it back into his suit's breast pocket. 


Twelve cars parked outside a garage and they began to zoom off one after the other. After they had left the compound through the opened gate. The garage opened up again and an old benze rode out behind a red pouch. They both maintained a close range with the twelve other cars moving far ahead on the straight rode. 

A thick beard man with tattoos stretching out on his neck. He looked out of the opened window. He was seated in the benze and the other guy on his left was in a blue long sleeves. 

"Key!" The guy in a blue long sleeve said, pointing a phone at the thick beard man. He collected the phone breathing heavily and he smiled picking it up. He listened to the voice from the other side and he dropped the call after about 3 Minutes.

"The police are on ground." He said gently to the guy who gave him the phone.

"What do you think, Remi." He continued.

"I think we go for the second plan." The man replied.

"Stop the car." Key said aloud. He heard the tyres squealing as the driver stepped violently on the break pad. 

He stepped out of the car likewise Remi and the driver, then he ordered Remi to call the guy driving the pouch to reverse and they waited for that to be done. Key collected the keys to the pouch from the driver and he rode the car into a near by tree. He staggered out of it and he went behind the benze. He got of of his truck, four sledge hammers and he gave one to Remi, the two drivers and he held one for himself. 

They went over to the pouch and they began to smash it down. It was a lone and restricted road and no car was meant to pass until evening. They didn't stopped until Key motioned them to. He stood aside and he watched the driver move the Benze forward. Remi went behind, back into the Benze's trunk and he brought out a long chain. He attached it to the destroyed car and he fixed it behind the Benze. Key got behind the wheels with Remi on his side and the two drivers behind.