Clowns from mars Eps43

It's been two weeks Fosa and Kelvin had moved into their new apartment and it had going smoother than they expected. The fact that no one would disturb them about anything was pleasing but the only problem that struck faster than a splitting ray was the huger. It wasn't like Deji's house where they would have foods on their tables before they open up their eyes to the morning light.

Fosa had to make a roaster so he won't be cheated by Kelvin who preferred to stay in bed till it was noon.

Soon they furnished every part of the apartment and they began to meet their neighbours. They would call a gathering every evening and crack jokes and soon they began to grow audience. After about a week, neighbours and people from the next street began to troop into their compound every evening. They never made the mistake of telling their audience about the show. Fosa actually wanted to, but Kelvin was always stepping on those lines.

Soon 14th of December came knocking and they went down to the hotel as planned. They were there some few minutes past two and the hall was twice fuller than it was the last time they came. 

The technicians had everything fixed and the engineers worked on the lights and the sound before anything started. They set up the stage and Fosa was amazed to see everything on set. 

Banners had already been printed and he was unaware. Kelvin also denied he knew anything about the banner.

The stage was set and soon the rehearsal was set to begin. 

'Clowns from mars Show' Was boldly designed on the wall lacing the stages back ground and a picture of two guys was painted under it. The guy on the left was way taller than the one on the right. But no one talked about that.

Fosa took his time out talking to Kelvin about costumes. It was then Kelvin explained it wasn't the final rehearsal. One more rehearsals would be done before Dec24 which was the fixed date for the show.

When every thing was set. Kelvin walked over to Stella and he told her how he wanted the instrumentalist to launch the show for the 298th time.

He clapped, moving towards the center of the stage and he watched the light move from him to the instrumentalist stand. 

It was awful, he complained. He walked up and he told the man controlling the light to focus on the instrumentalist alone. 

"I won't be on stage then. I will come in later. I am just here to watch. Focus the light on the instrumentalist. You know the whole stage will be dark and the sound would have to come on at once." He had told the light man. He handed over the whole check up to Stella and he went back stage with Fosa the moment he heard the media crew were around for the show's introduction video.

Right then he told Fosa they would have to create a short video for those who would come early to watch before the main show started and a video to end up the show. Fosa never disagreed and soon a background was set mimicking that of 'News at 24' 

Tables were set and they both were forced into a suit by the fat lady who came with the costume team.

They sat and there was nothing to read. No one had that planned. Kelvin got Fosa a sheet of paper with a pen begging him to come up with a beautiful Idea. He told him the news would be foster, highlighting major contextual activities in the country, and he over exercised the fact that it must be funny.

Kelvin left Fosa to that and he went back on stage to see what the instrumentalist were up to. 

Now they had perfected what he talked about but he still wasn't satisfied with the light. 

"Can it be brighter."

"Sure." The light man said. 

Kelvin looked around and he counted to three. He wanted it all again. 

The lights went off and the screamed in the dark. "Now the Screen here will change display and a short video will be played. Immediately the screen goes dark... N...o...w."

The instrumentalist kicked off and the light went on them. 

The other part of the hall were in slight darkness. 

The lights fixed, to lighten up the audience path came on gradually till it was full.

He told them when he was going to come in and he smiled seeing the way the instrumentalist went low with the sound. He didn't take time with that. He went over to the end of the show and he made them rehearse that quickly. The sounds was what he wanted. Just as dreamed. 

He rushed off quickly back stage and he listened to Fosa read what he had penned down. They sat behind the set table and they rehearsed their lines. 

"Fine." Fosa said and he told the camera man to put them on. 

It was recorded and they watched the replay. It still lacked a bit of action. Kelvin wasn't doing it well enough, Fosa thought. 

He had them seat back and they went through some part he didn't think went well.

The director was set and he told them some part of the video will be cut away.

Five hours passed and on the sixth Kelvin had non choice but to send every one home. He fixed another date which was on the 19th of December and he made sure the hall was locked before he left. 

©Godwin Okhuoya