Clowns from mars Eps42.

Kelvin walked in to see Mr Jinmi. It was just like every other meeting. He made sure his talk was smooth and he wasn't repeating a word twice. He told the hotel manager the show was going to be short and precise so a need for an event planner would be unnecessary. He talked it up to money factor and he was made known that the event planner will be working with him for free as long as they have booked the hall, the attachment of an event planner was almost like a free pack accompanying premium product. 

He got out of the mangers office and he didn't have to walk west gate to reach Fosa. He forwarded a call straight away in the hotel's reception and he waited for Fosa to come meet him. 



Rasheed as usually walked over to the dispenser and he turned into a plastic cup, cold water. 

"Sir you will have to manage this." He said as he handed it over to the short dark man seated in front of him. He let go of the cup noticing the man's grip on it and he sank into his seat.

He heard the man's noisy gulp and he kept his eyes away from him.

"Thanks for this." The man said dropping the cup on the table. He pulled his chair forward and he hooked his fingers up into each other. 

"About the robbery. That was why I came." 

"I know." Rasheed said. His eyes hovered the table and he stretched once his eyes caught his long tab. He picked it up and he whisked, navigating through it. 

"Nothing much yet. The robbery will happen in Ikeja and it will be between Dec  23- Dec 24, since December 24 is a Friday it is likely it's on the 24th. The robbers will move from bariga, and they would escape through somewhere we are not too specific about."

"Is this all so far."

"No... I discussed with your boys days back and they told me we were fit. More police men have been brought into town silently just to enhance our forces. I have it all locked down I mean roads. But it is secretly. The public doesn't know anything about it. I have choppers on the move from time to time been camouflaged as choppers meant for political campaigns." 

"So you finally met with CMD party chairman."

"Yeah I did. It was a definite yes. Since we own the choppers all we need from them was just permission to use their name."

"Is that all."

"I also have men on various high rises across town. I had to rent them as offices and as rooms. Men are in there with binoculars, watching every single move in bariga and Ikeja."

"Not bad." The man said curtly. He adjusted his seating position and he rubbed his thumb gently against his palm. 

"This have been a wonderful year for us. But I beg you. Get us this thieves and you won't believe what this state will do for you. What this country will do for you."

Rasheed laughed. "But Mr Ori. That's not my job. I am just to make findings." 

The man nodded in agreement. "But you still have to show a bit commitment." They both laughed.

"A cup of coffee." Rasheed asked. He received a nod from the Man, and in seconds he was thumbing the intercom switch. 


A Man in a blue long sleeve and a black trouser took an hat off his head. He placed it on a table and he looked up into the roof. He dug out of his back pocket a pack of cigarette and he stumbled out a stick he lighted it and he dropped the lighter on the table. He leaned back on the chair and he took the cigar stick off his lips puffing smoke heavily into the atmosphere. This went on and on for about 25 minutes and all of a sudden his phone rang out. He looked around and after a few seconds he realised he was seating right on his phone.

He stood off it and before he could receive it, the call had ended. He was about dialing the number when the caller called again.

He placed the phone close to his ear eagerly and he walked over to the window as he spoke. 

He pulled the curtain apart and he looked out through the window while he continued his conversation. 

He smiled as he spoke into the phone and after a while he ended the call.

At the left side of the room came a crackling sound. He looked over and he dropped a suspicious smile. The door cracked open and, standing in the door way was a tall guy in a yellow round neck vest. He was wet and dirty. 

"I just cleaned the 6th car." The guy said eagerly, expecting a reply so he could get back to work.

"Which of the car, dose Key want to be used." He guy asked again. He held on to the door and he pulled it closer to himself. 

"We will be using all the cars." 

"Fine. I am hungry." 

"Go to the cook and tell him you are from Remi."

"Ok." The guy nodded.

"Don't go until you are done with the work o."  The guy smiled in understanding and he yanked the door close. 

©Godwin Okhuoya