Clowns from mars Eps 41

It wasn't more that a few bruises. Fosa held on to his hands all through Kelvin's discussion with Stella. Not long after, a guy with a dread came in claiming to be the event manager sent by the hotel to help out. Kelvin turned the offer down, after thanking the guy so much like he really wanted to work with him. He asked for the guy's name and later sealed it carefully with a dispatch note. He knew the guy would be heart broke having walked down from where ever he's based, walking into the hall, climbing up the stage and getting a 'no'.

The fact that Kelvin would be managing the whole show got Fosa's eye brown raised. He stood and acted like he was aware of the plan, but deep down he was going to explode like a pricked balloon as soon as they get out.

After the guy left. Kelvin continued with his explanation. 

"I need trusted hands." He said to Stella and he looked at Fosa in the face.

"There would be no red carpet. and I want it not more than one and a half hour." Kelvin added. 

Kelvin pulled Fosa away and he monitored Stella's movement with the side of his left eyes. 

"When will we be chanced to come back here. We would need to rehearse with lights and everything."

"I don't know. Pick a date." Foss replied.

"OK." Kelvin said. His left index finger on his fore head. 

"10th of December." Kelvin said out loud, taking his finger off his face.

"How do you see that." 

"Cool." Fosa replied. "Who are those bringing the light." Fosa added. 

"Yeahhhh." Kelvin said thoughtfully, tapping his shoulder. 

" I will have to beep the director." He said. He walked away while Fosa kept his eyes on his broad back as he moved over to Stella. She stopped passing instructions to the instrumentalist and she faced him. 

"When did you decide." 

"10th of December." Kelvin said from the side of his mouth. 

He went back to Fosa and he advised they seat down and watch the performance over again. 

It wasn't what Kelvin wanted yet. He stood up eagerly everything he noticed a sound was wrong and he would pass the address to Stella in a very suggestive way. 

It got to a time he had to stand with Stella while Fosa sat there trying not to dose off again and break a teeth instead. 

Kelvin stood on the stage managing his emotions. He knew he was almost stepping out of his court and a call over to Key will get things right. Even presumed way to make it out of the hall so he could make a call was aborted. Soon it became more than mere thoughts and finally a sole idea came to him. Toilet.

He climbed down the stage after telling Fosa he had to use the toilet and all he had playing in his big head was a documentary tape. He tried flashing back to Mr Jinmi's tour. He remember the toilet was shown to them. Soon he got it. It was behind the hall on the far left. He stepped in and he slipped out his phone. He forwarded a call to Key and a voice stepped up as he heard a thick 'Hello.' 

" I think we might have an issue that might raise up suspicion." He paused, looking down at his shoes.

"Yeah. Stella is no issue. Mr Jinmmi just sent the company's event manager to me and I rejected him. You might have to call him with the pervious format and explain why we don't need an event  planner... Darn it....You mean I should see him myself."

┬ęGodwin Okhuoya