Clowns from mars Eps 40

Fosa noticed Kelvin was fast asleep in the moving cab, then he began to wonder what that was all about. He remembered he was the one who stayed up all night. He jotted his elbow into Kelvin's side jealously and noticing Kelvin's lid was breaking open he fell back noiselessly on the cab's seat, coming up with a thick snore.

Kelvin scratched his neck, looking round. He noticed Fosa was also fast asleep. He adjusted his butt on the seat and he leaned backward positioning his hands on his kneel cap. 

He moved his jaw rhythmically and he took in a deep air as he journeyed down the sleepy slope again.

Fosa flicked open his lashes and he wondered why Kelvin didn't catch him. He concluded it was a thick sleep and he need to disrupt it. He positioned his head on the seat and his eyes caught the driver's gaze. He pushed out his lips making a thin 'shhh' sound and he made sure the driver was facing the road before he continued. 

He adjusted one hand around the seat's end and he navigated his second hand at Kelvin's face. He stopped half way and he moved his hands back into his mouth. He made it wet and he continued with his plan. 

Kelvin felt the moist touch on his cheek and he went after it with a quick slap. He was late. His wide palm crashed violently on his cheek and he jumped off his back immediately, holding his cheek in his palm. 

He turned, staring at Fosa who was trying to close up his eyes but unable to hide up the smile on his face. The driver's tried hard to hold his laughter but he wasn't strong enough for that. Kelvin looked forward and he locked a contact with the front mirror. He widened his palm and he drove it at Fosa's face in an act of revenge. 

Fosa was quick enough. He moved his head away swiftly and he grabbed Kelvin's wrist knowing it was going to hit him. He watched Kelvin's right hand move, and he stretched his left hand to grab it before it came for his face as a back up plan.


The cab passed through the Hotel's main gate and it wasn't let in until Kelvin showed up with an ID card. Then he got to west gate with the help of the security men. He paid off the cab driver and he motioned on Fosa to follow him.

They stepped into the wide hall and Fosa was amazed. The stage had tones of people on it working on various musical instrument. 

Kelvin sat in the 3rd seat in front on the fourth roll if numbered from the left. 

"Did you organise this." Fosa asked as he watched.

"No." Kelvin replied curtly. As he watched the instrumentalist perform. He blended his nod pattern with the tune they played and he failed to looking into Fosa's surprised eyes.

Not long after, a lady in a skimpy black gown whose end was noticeably far away from her kneels noticed them and she came down the stage. Fosa gasped as he watched her climbed down. He knew what he had seen and he applied a quick pressure on the man rising up between his legs.

"Mr Hillarie." She said giving Fosa her hands for a shake.

Kelvin took her hands quickly before Fosa could and he smiled.

"I am Mr hillarie." He said gently, smiling. "He is moses." 

"Oh Mr Moses." She said again slipping her hands out of Kelvin's. 

Fosa didn't understand what just happened. The change of name pricked him, but he adjusted quickly after he got a wink from Kelvin. 

"I am Stella." She said. 

"Our boss said you will be performing with us. We would need you to check out our performance. He said, you must be satisfied." She concluded. 

Kelvin nodded and he pointed at the stage.

"Let's begin." He said again then he pulled closer to Fosa and he whispered into his ear.

Kelvin was offered a seat close to Fosa and they were both made to watch the instrumentalist perform. 

They were just ladies with violins and strings some other guys were behind with guitars and some group of guys were on the side playing organs. The sound off them was amazing. Kelvin got up at once and he approached Stella. They talked at length and he confirmed she knew what the show was about. They talked about entry and the kind of sound that would be played at the beginning of the show. He told them he would love them to play all through. It is a comic relief and I would be talking all all through with Fosa. He had told her. He also informed her that her instrumentalist will have to open the floor and close it up.

 Fosa fell off all of a sudden and that move had every neck turned. He was struggling to keep off the ground with the plastic chair resting on him. It was a violent flip and he look like he had broken his neck. 

Kelvin rushed at Fosa panicking, he picked him off the ground noticing he could not help himself up.

©Godwin Okhuoya