Clowns from mars Eps 39.

Fosa could not help himself but stay awake all night. Thoughts came up his mind and it got heavy, padded with worries. He felt uncomfortable laying in the same room with Deji and Kelvin and after a while he tip toed his way out into the living room. 

He sat on the couch in the dark room and he began to dig up more thoughts. 

His thought bag got filled to the brim that it spilled off him in form of tears. He was worried he was taking wrong steps. He knew what his convictions were and he knew running away from home was the last thing he had once thought he would do. Now he was far away from home. Going back home would be one of the craziest idea he would every think about. He knew how criminals were been stoned at the boundaries, tied to a tree. His own case would be no different. He would be grabbed and ripped apart right away. 

He missed his old man and that made him go deep in thought as he pulled out old memories. 

He ended it up after a while and he thought about what he had ahead. The only significant thing was the show. He thought about the outcome then he remembered Kelvin had told him nothing yet about it. 

Sleep got it all out of his head and he was unaware of the fact that his lids were closing up. He ended up sleeping on the couch, with his back against it and his mouth slightly opened with his tongue shooting out like that of a dead dinosaur. 

He felt a cold hand holding onto his legs all of a sudden and before he could jump off his back he saw signs that it was Kelvin. Kelvin's eyes sparkled in the dark carrying a note of anxiety and before Fosa could say a word kelvin was seated beside him speaking.

"Why are you up this morning." He yawned as he stretched. 

"Why are you also up." Fosa asked.

"It's four thirty already."

"So... Is it a rule to be up by four thirty. Any way you guys Were too noisy."

"Too noisy!"

"Yeah. I just had to come here and sleep."

"You know deji has warned us about sleeping on the couch."

"Hmmm hmmmm. When did you start listening to deji."

"That's not important have I told you we are moving away from here today."

"After work right." 

"Noooo. We are not working anymore." Fosa flashed a surprised look but the darkness didn't let Kelvin catch it. The tone hooked to his voice said it all.

"Don't you get it."

"I don't ooooo. Is it more than the show."

"It is not just any show. The director said Big men will the there. We need to practise."


"Yeah. Practise. We need weeks for that"

"So what are you going to tell him, happened."


"I mean Deji."

"It is simple." Kelvin began with no second thought. "I will tell him, we got staffed permanently and a quarter have been prepared for us in the company."

"Is that true."

"Off course not."

"So the company doesn't have a residential quarter."

"It does. But we been staffed is a lie"

"Fine Fine. It okay. No more explanation."

"I get that. You mean shut up."

"Yeah. Pls help me turn on the light."

"You have legs bro." Kelvin said laughing. 


The morning was like every other morning. Fights and argument between the two cousins and the two friends would made judge's, referee and when it gets too thick they turn into separators. But that of this morning wasn't the fist kind of fight. They were at war using the lips. But just one person was yelling and it was at the top of his voice and the others watched, just one was listening. 

Deji had just noticed Posi had been going for an artwork seminar for weeks now and she had lied she was up for a make over tutorial. How he knew the truth, no one knew. Now he was up chewing up a rage not his. 

He dwelled on the fact that posi's dad never wanted her to have a thing with Art not in his life and he promised he won't let Posi hold unto a pen staying with him. He doesn't even know why, but he knew the old man wasn't joking telling him that. 

He promised not to let the Posi's dad know about the seminar, if she would quite the seminar immediately and not show up in his face with anything that relates to Art. 

Posi was mad at that idea but the look on Deji's face said no negotiation.

Kelvin seized that opportunity and he flew after Deji immediately he got out of the house.

Deji stopped walking, sensing the foot step coming up behind him.

"Anything for me." Deji asked.

"Yeah... Came to tell you we wont meet us at home when you return."

"I am used to that now." Deji replied jokingly. He whirled around, stretching his hands into his pocket. 

"I don't mean that." Deji's eyes widened listening to Kelvin. "I mean we won't be staying here with you any longer." Kelvin added.

"What do you mean." Deji said slowly as he turned around to lock a gaze with Kelvin.

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