Clowns from Mars Eps38

Two men held on to a spray and they took their eyes off the sport car parked in front of them.

"The dash board." The man in a blue over sized singlet said.

"What about the dash board." The other man in a knicker and a fitted singlet asked.

"It is dusty. We haven't even touched the dash board."

"No one asked us to." The man in a knicker replied. He laid down the spray and he sealed off a can.

He moved over to a bucket half filled with water, standing meters away from the car.

The other guy with the over sized singlet went towards the garage's  grille. He pulled the chain extending off it down forcefully, letting the lights in as he stared at the car. It was clean and neat; but the interior parts still got their eye brown raised. 

They stayed behind for another hour scrubbing every part of the car. They brought out the foot mats, dusted it and they later cleaned the dash board. 

After a whole hour they stopped cleaning and they began to stared at the car from various angles. The man with the knickers on, had to climb a ladder and he took a look at the car. It looked brand new. 

They had a freshener fixed in the car. It had been specially picked up off a shelf in Ikeja's shop mall, making sure there was no more perfect smell for a new car than what they had in it.

Not long after they were done. A door behind the garage cracked opened and a averaged height man in a long sleeves and a ash colour jean stepped in. He moved closer to the car and he stopped as soon as he was close enough.

He walked around, touching it and he observed it while the other two men made the atmosphere look no better than a grave yard. The silence in there was itching and horrible. 

"What do you think boss." The guy in the over sized singlet asked smiling, his white teeth was noticed.

"Key thinks this is perfect."

"Wonderful." The two men said randomly. 

The man nodded and he motioned one of them to move closer.

The man in a knicker, drew closer. He delivered a key attached to a controller into the man in long sleeve's hand. He thumbed a button on the controller at the car and a beep came up. He yanked open the door and he looked in. It was clean. No complain from him. He picked up his phone once the two men left the garage and he called someone, delivering a simple instruction. "Come and load it." 

He sat back in the garage after he had turn off the light, then he laid the atmosphere with thick smoke off the end of his burning cigar stick.

The red light pointed his face in the dark room and he coughed frequently. He felt comfortable with the darkness and the cigar tasted like fried chicken on his lips. His last wish was chewing it and he would have tried it if it had been doped. 

He heard voices outside the garage and he stood up. The red light fell off his lips, settling on the ground. The light went out and in a second it showed up slightly, then it went totally off. 

A click sound came off and the light in the garage went on. He took steps towards the metal grill as he crossed over the cigar stick he left behind, staying close to the ground, laying in an in resurrect-able state. 

Four men stepped into the garage with a long bag each in their hands. 

"How far." 

"Fit." The man ahead replied him. He stepped out of their way and he watched them load the clean car with different kind of amour. It looked like they were going to rub an entire state. They fixed guns in places no one could traced, and after thirty minutes of hard work. The amour finished. 

The man in long sleeves moved closer to them and he observed it again. He dug out his phone from his back pocket.

"Just a minute." He pleaded, as he pinned his phone close to his ear. 

"Hey... Key... what's up...Yeah...They are done." He looked up at the men standing close to the car with long empty bags. 

"They have it loaded..." He paused with an angry look spreading across her face. 

"What do you mean you don't want the arms in the car again." His eyes narrowed at the men standing close to the car.

"They have been working for an hour now." He said angrily again. He listened to the voice and after some seconds the call dropped from the other side.

He looked up at the men and he said in a very low tone.

"He asked you to get the arms out of the car and leave it in the bags." They didn't hear him.

He moved closer to them and stood facing them.

"He asked you guys to get the arms out of the car and leave it in the bags." 

"Who said that." One of the men said, stepping forward. 

"Key said it." The guy in the long sleeve replied.

©Godwin Okhuoya