Clowns from mars Eps 37.


The light illuminating the foyer made the walls very attractive. An average height man in a black fitted suit and a black butterfly bow tie approached an elevator door. He thumbed a button on the elevator wall and it's door went apart. He climbed in with a lady holding a 20 inches tab close to her chest.

They maintained silence in the elevator and no the sound came off except a ding when the elevator came to a full stop. The man thumbed a button again and the elevator door went apart. 

“Conference room one, Mr Rasheed.” The lady spoke out. The man stopped moving and he whirled around. 

“Have the A.c in there been fixed.” He asked. The lady dropped a prompt nod and she stepped out of the man’s way. 

“What about the technical guys. Did you have them work on the output and the feed backs. I wasn’t pleased with that of last meeting.” Rasheed said as he moved forward with the lady following.

He laughed. “You asked your junior sister to come see me with an hijab on.”

“No I didn't. I only advised her to.”

“It is the same now.” Rasheed replied. 

He stopped moving and he turned left facing a door with a label centered on it uppermost part ‘CONFERENCE ROOM 1’. The lady moved ahead and she scanned open the door with a smart transparent card. The door went opened after a brisk beep. She moved in and he followed. 

He whisked, looking up; then he let go on an air of relief with his hands stocked in his pocket. The long conference table had 10 men behind it. 

One guy from the tech team moved over to him and he pined a mic on his suit. 

“Thanks.” He said as he tapped the guy gently on the shoulder. He looked back and he noticed the projector had been set.

“9 commissionals, 1 regional head of security.” The lady whispered. 

“Noticed.” He replied politely.

“Get them my files” He said to her and he watched her move over to the ICT desk. 

She came back noticing he was checking his wrist watch. 

“It is time.” He said and he coughed. He motioned her to get everyone ready. He thumbed up to the technical guys and that meant he wanted the mic on. 

He coughed again and that pulled the men around the conference table’s attention. 

“Good afternoon.” He said politely as he stood away from the projector. 

“Please, I need all means of communication disconnected and all cell should be turn off, nothing in here should go outside.” 

He went after his instruction into telling why the meeting was called. 

He analysed the numbers of crime investigated at the moment, the numbers of terrorist attack in the country and the numbers of major attacks in Lagos. He pushed it up to them as he went on with describing how effective his operations had been and how his company had help the country catch criminals and avert major terrorist attacks. 

Then he came up with potentials attacks for the next year.

“I can say much about this. But all I can see, as been feed upon by my source is a big robbery that would happen between 20th of December and 30th of January. We don’t know the bank yet, we don’t know who the thieves are in particular and we don’t even know how much they are. All we know is this.

If we don’t work tightly with the police on this. It might sink the bank affected. 

We can't issue a note of warning to the bank. We are not the federal government, neither are we a governmental body. And to get such request process might take a month.”

He pressed the slide control he had in hand at the projector and a new image popped up the white board. It was a map.

“This is all we know. Armors will be moving from a factory in barrigga to Ikeja on a day we don’t know, and either of this  30 route might be used. We can’t man the whole route. And we can’t let them know we have an eyes on them. If they know, they would us their plan B which we know nothing about. That might take us time to coin, and even before we are done coining it the robbery might have come and be gone. That's why we need to be very careful and noiseless at this.” He paused as he took in a deep breathe, he watched the serious look on the commissionals face and he continued. 

“The bank is in Ikeja.” He added. 

“What do you think is next.” One of the commissionals let out through the thin mic with a round bottom stand in front of him.

“We will have to monitor them closely. They have over hundred people working with them and they all are moving in the street of Lagos.”

“Do we begin picking people up.”

“Nooooo… You need to give my team access into some sensitive document of the state.” 

He felt the deep breath off the commissionals had been amplified by the mic in front of them, and he kept staring with the hope for a positive respond. 

©Godwin Okhuoya