Clowns from mars Eps 36

Kelvin looked up at the lights and he smiled pulling Fosa closer.

“Wait here for me.” He said to Fosa. He moved forward, approaching a counter. The slim lady with a red scarf running around her neck smiled. 

“Season greeting” she said. Kelvin nodded. He looked back and he gave Fosa a sign to be at rest.

“Can I see the Mr Jinmi.” Kelvin asked. The lady, lifted her pen off the for she was filling and she took in a deep breathe. She wanted to ride off the question but in a few second she had scanned Kelvin’s outfit. His blazer looked borrowed and obsolete. 

“You can see us here for anything, sir. We can help you.”

“I need to see him.” Kelvin  repeated. 

“I can’t help you.” The lady said and she pulled her pen closer to the register. 

Kelvin moved away from he counter and he went to wait with Fosa.

“What did she say.” Fosa asked.

“Just leave her to me.”

“Call the director then.”

“He has nothing to do with this.”

“So how come you can’t discuss renting the hall with the receptionist.”

“I know what I am doing guy.” Kelvin said sharply. He had already forwarded a call to Key and he placed the phone against his ear.

“I just got there, she is acting like she doesn’t know me.”

He listened to the voice from the other side and he nodded.

“Ok…ok…” he ended the call. He moved over to the counter again. This time he had added a little weight of confidence. 

“I have a note i should pick on this desk, from Mr Jinmi.” She looked at him for the third time and she picked up the receiver.

“What’s your name sir.”

“Hillarie.” He replied with a thick smile.

The receptionist got her boss down in minutes and He had to take Kelvin in into his office. Fosa sat outside waiting for a good result. He felt Kelvin was good at sealing deals so it would be necessary fighting for attention.

“Your boss called me over the night for a 1,000 seaters hall. His offer was large so I had to accept it.” Kelvin nodded in agreement. His eyes picked on the short man’s beard and his long tie. 

“I just wanted a representative that’s all.”

“I understand.” Kelvin said.

“We would also need a big parking lot for at least 500 cars also.” 

“We have a large park at west gate.”

“In here?”

“Yeah. This palace is bigger than some estates in lagos.” 

“How much. I know he didn’t say that when he was booking the hall.”

“Two hundred dollars per hour.” The man replied frankly.

“We would owe you a four hundred dollars plus. He would call you before night fall and he would transfer the cash to you. Please lets go see the lot.”

They both stood up and they moved out of the office and soon they were in the foyer. They used the elevator and in two minutes they were on the last floor. Kelvin beckoned on Fosa and they both walked down the graded road with Jinmi. Soon they were facing a wide parking lot. There was no negativity in their conversation. They both felt pleased with the parking lot and soon they moved down to see the 1,000 sitters hall.

It was a large hall with a fixed stage in front. The chairs began few meters after the stage had dropped a spacious rift.

They tested sitting on random chairs and the view off the stage was nice. The chairs were constructed in a way that no one could obstruct another fellow.

“This place is so big, are we bringing the whole street in here.”

Fosa asked.

“Yes, even the whole town.” Kelvin replied, his eyes grazed Jinmi’s face and that ended the conversation for the rest of the day. He promised to send one of his guy to the home address they dropped so the rest of the document could be processed, they picked 24th of December for their show and it wasn’t opposed. 

They got home after an hour and before it was four, a white van with a 'Blue roof' water mark running on both side stopped in front of their gate. The driver came down and he opened up the passenger door. A man in a blue jean with patches all over came down with a clip board. He checked the sheet clipped to the board and he looked around to see if the address he had on was correct. He picked up his phone and he dialed a number off the sheet. He placed the phone close to his ear and he took in a deep breathe.

“Hello, we are out here. Pls be quick.” The man said. He ended the call and he checked it the van was well parked. He leaned on the van and he had his left leg raised up, and with his kneels shooting out he rested his foot on the van’s tyre. 

Kelvin bursted out in minutes with Fosa rushing out with him. Fosa pushed back the gate and he looked around.

“Good afternoon.” Kelvin said as he moved closer to the guy with the clip board. The guy handed over the clip board to him.

“Sign here and here.” The guy pointed to the space above two long lines in which Kelvin’s signature should be. Kelvin signed twice and he returned the board back to the man.

“Are we good.”

“Yeah.” The man replied. He shook both of them and he went to the other side of the van. He opened up the door. Climbed in and he yanked it close. 

“Lets get back in before they notice anything.” Kelvin said.

Fosa nodded in agreement and he went straight off his feet, driving his butt into the ground.

“What are you doing.” Kelvin shrieked. 

“Taking a nap.” Fosa replied dryly. “Come and join me.” He added. 

©Godwin Okhuoya