Clowns from mars Eps 35

The director walked towards a black Nissan car with his lawyer beside him. It looked like he had just stepped out of an oven and he was placed in a desiccator. 

The white shirt he had on had a brown stain behind. The court seat must have caused it. 

The lawyer looked stressed and broken, but the winning spirit wasn't missing.  

“I don’t have anything else to say Clinton.” The lawyer said.

He adjusted his sleeves and he took off his glasses. 

“Just seal it, please do.”

“I know Lawyer. But please I need your help just this time.”

“I understand it all sir. Please just make sure nothing leaks.”

“Nothing will.” The director said confidently. His thick structure made his movement slow but the lawyer never complained.

The director signaled to his driver to open up the door. The driver stepped out and he helped them open up the door. 

They climbed into the car and they baked up a long discussion. The director let his lawyer in, on what was tackling him at the moment. Kelvin. 

The director took his time to explain how dangerous Kelvin was. What he wanted and what might happen if he doesn't dance to the tune Kelvin was playing. 

The lawyer could do not more than a lengthy lecture. He started with a story about how a dangerous snake killed an entire town. He linked it up with what was on ground and he advised the director to give up on turning down Kelvin’s request. 

They both knew the case must not be loosed, having tried to be polite in their political and social affairs for four years now, loosing the case would be heart breaking. 

The EFCC came in sometimes last year and they check the financial records concerning projects handled and channeled through the director. The right figures made they back off. They thought the Director had a black wolf amidst his sheep that might have triggered him to kill a worker. The late worker's family weren’t letting go. Four years was long but they still acted like the victim died a day ago. 


Kelvin lifted a newspaper off his face and he sipped the last portion of the juice left in the five alive pulpy plastic bottle he had his fingers running around. 

“E be like say the man don reach.” Kelvin said as he stood up to his feet.

“Okay oooo.” The gate man replied flashing his broken set of teeth. His teeth were like rings installed in a thirty years old well, well garnished with green and brown spots.

Kelvin withdrew out of his pocket his wallet and he maneuvered a two hundred naira note into the Old man's hand. It all ended with a round of thanks and Kelvin had to make it away quickly so he old man’s thanksgiving wont wound him. 

He took out his phone and he dialed a number. 


“Yeah what did you call the color of the car.”



He hid his phone in his back pocket and he looked around the parking lot. 

“Nissan!!! Nisan!!!” he repeated He sighted a black Nissan car and he moved towards it. He peered in through the window as he passed by. He saw no one. It was an empty car, with no driver.

He pulled out his phone again and forwarded another call.

“I can’t find him… I am trying to.” He looked around again, then he moved forward, out of the lot towards a large stature positioned close to a spring. 

“Send me his number... good.” He ended the call and he waited. He tried to see if no eyes was focused on him. He could see security men all over in the busy Compound. 

His phone beeped and he picked it up believing it was the number he asked for. 

He dialed the number and he placed the phone close to his ear.

“My director.” He began, moving slowly towards the spring.

“Hello who is this.” The thick voice came in sharply.

“Kelvin!... Are you surprised?”

“No I am not.” The voice went low on the other end.

“What do you want” The voice came over again.

“I know you are around here.”

“Around where?”

“Look towards the spring.” Kelvin took the phone off his ear and he slipped out of his back pocket a folded envelope. He waved it blindly and he lowered his hands with his phone going close to his ear again.

“I can’t see you. But I know you can see me. I just want you reminded that you can be taken down any time. Please make sure you tell the boards about my show, they must be there.” He ended the call and he slipped his phone back into his pocket. 

He took the fastest route out of the court, and in a minute he was out of the court’s wide compound. The first bus that came through never skipped him, and as he rode in the bus he tried all his possible best to reach Fosa but Fosa wasn’t picking up his phone.

There must be trouble at home he thought. He dropped immediately he reached the next bus stop and he took another bus that would drop him in a junction where he could walk home.

Posi had gone out early for a make up class and Deji had been away before seven, just to attend the general meeting the company his grand dad had shares in, was hosting. He prayed he meet Fosa at home so he could twitch his plan a bit further. He was close to securing a venue for the show. He had forwarded a call and he had confirmed that he was right. All he needed was a go see the hall to be used and the parking lots.

©Godwin Okhuoya