Clowns from mars Eps 34

Fosa sat in the cab still not sure if going back home was the right choice.

The rain poured down heavily, as the cab found it’s way through the busy traffic.

Fosa asked at a point, about home. Their real home. 

“What do you think, is there a chance at home for us.” Fosa asked.

“I am not that wicked and cruel.” Kelvin replied, leaning back on the cab's seat.

“They can’t be dead now.” 

“I know, but we have to reach them quick so they would be put out of their mystery.”

“That’s cool. Let's focus on this. We would have enough time to reach them.” Kelvin replied.

He knew what he was saying. He had done more dangerous stuffs back in the village.

“What about what we did.”


“The crimes.” Kelvin replied. His face grew cold and his brow formed an arc.

“Yeah…” Fosa said, hitting his hands on his laps. “We would think it through.” Fosa added.

“If we make it with the show, how much do you think will come in.” Fosa asked thoughtfully.

“A bag of shekel.” Kelvin said, Fosa looked up at him and a quick smile took root on his face. He killed it immediately and nodded with his mouth pressed against each other.

“You are in charge.”

“Yes... I know but we haven’t discussed price.” Kelvin let out. He whisked, looking at the cab’s roof.

“When will we be home.” Kelvin asked tapping the cab’s driver seat.

“Twenty more minutes.” The driver said dryly. “The traffic caused it.”

“I know.” Kelvin replied. 

“We would have used a bull instead.” Fosa said jokingly.

“Then we would knock every one out of our way.” Kelvin added.

“I trust Nigerians no one will wait.” Fosa said. 

“No one will. It will be on the news the next day, bloggers will have to publish news without pictures.” Fosa added. The driver laughed and they told him to focus on the road.

“I feel a bit…” Fosa began.

“I grab” Kelvin broke in. “Just be calm… say nothing. I will fix it all.”

“You fix every thing up…”

“And you crack up every thing.” Kelvin replied. 

The driver rode the car through a junction and he told them he would be where they had paid him to take them to in six minutes. 

Kelvin went on all through the six minutes telling Fosa how good he was at cracking people up. All he was doing was building Fosa's self esteem. He never wanted anything to squeezed life and fun out of the show. 

The cab parked in front of their Deji's house and they stepped out, with confidence missing in their feet. They paid him off and they sworn never to take a cab again. They also regretted not negotiating with the driver before they took off. 

Kelvin pushed the gate and he noticed it was opened, then he motioned Fosa to come in. 

Fosa held on to himself and he promised not to get his pant wet. Of course, no one was going to shout at them but they knew the questions was going to be like a full load of sand was turned on a bee.

“I got it bro.” Fosa whispered as Kelvin confirmed he was still standing close to him.

“My spirit is gone but I am here.” Fosa added.

“Don’t run. We would talk this through.”

“I know.”

“Ok… Shut up and knock.” Kelvin said aloud. 

The door opened up before they attempted knocking, and Posi was flashing a smile, holding the door. 

“Welcome, it’s been…" They walked in ignoring her and they sank into the couch. 

Fosa slipped his hands out of his overall and he watched Kelvin step angrily out of his shoes. 

They both leaned on the couch and they took in an air of relief together. They heard the foot steps approaching the living room from the hallway and they were certain it was Deji's. For no reason their heart beat increased and it all got ruined when Fosa let out a thunderous fart. 

“That wasn’t intentional.” Fosa said jumping off the couch. Posi was crushing her nose against the wall and she was trying not to let any part of the air get down into her lungs.

“Smells like I don’t know.” Deji mumbled as he broke his way into the living room like the fart had created a thick web to block his part.

“Where have you two been.” Deji continued as he moved into the living room. He knew they were not ready for a discussion and it looked like they had it planned. 

“I am hungry.” Kelvin said standing up. He slipped completely out of his overall and he pushed his shoes aside.

“I know I am not in the position to give you guys instructions but I can advice you to stay out of trouble.” Deji said as he moved away from the living room. Fosa looked around and Posi was missing, Kelvin was laying bedside him, leaning on the couch. 

“I am tried.” Kelvin grumbled as he rocked the couch with his back. He began to close up his eyes and his vision began to fade out. 

“Don’t sleep.” Fosa whispered. Kelvin mumbled and he refused to open up his eyes. Fosa watch him closely and he went for his nose. He moved his hands gently towards it and he pulled the little hair sticking out of it. He close his ears with his hands as he avoiding eating up the whole scream Kelvin was going to let out. 

©Godwin Okhuoya