Clowns from mars Eps33

Fosa had it all, rolling down his mind like a stone falling down a sloppy ground. 

He knew the whole story was wide, huge and unacceptable. It had a bit of purity in it, but it was left to be tempted by doubt. Fosa pushed it all down and he worked on focusing on the rest of the day. He cleared himself with a superior officer at the twelfth block, and he moved over to the cafeteria close to the company’s ICT building, off the cooperative complex. 

He located Kelvin, far off on the seventh roll close to an opened window. 

He smelled fried egg and he knew what was on ground. He shoveled out his ticket and he moved over to the counter in front of the cafeteria for his food. 

He looked back, pitching his nose. The seat opposite Kelvin was still empty and he felt satisfied with it. That was their regular spot and no one dares take up that seat except they weren't not on duty.

“Tickets please.” The guy with a blue apron said. Fosa slid his ticket across the counter and he rubbed his eyes down to his nose, noticing the guy was stealing a glance at his ticket.

“How do you want it served.”

“Any how please, stop acting too official.” Fosa grumbled.

“I know bro, No jokes today.”

“I look too serious already. Today was stressful.”

"You were cracking jokes instead of working. I guess.” The guy said as he place the fourth slice of yam on the ceramic flat plate.”

“It would have been better. I was mopping all day. Their was a spillage in one of the blocks. The pipes broke up with the taps.” ”Funny… I hate breaks up.” The guy sneered as he served the fired eggs beside the yams. 

“Is this all. Nahhhhh. Please add more” Fosa threw up a disgusting look.

“You have more bucks. Akanpo wants it this way for everyone.”

“G…” Fosa slid out a hundred naira note out of his overall pocket. He slid it across the table with his hands pinned on it, expecting the guy to slip it out of his hands as quick as possible. It was illegal to offer money on the table.

“More eggs.” Fosa said, talking his eyes off the guy's face. He sensed the money slipping out of the pressure he had on it. 

The looked around and he flashed a smile at the guy been attended to beside him.

“Did you see that.” He asked the guy.

The guy gave a negative nod and before he let out a word. Fosa was working out of his face, heading the seventh role. 

He was quick with his move and as he held on to his tray he counted his pieces of yam and he noticed the guy had added one one slice.

He sat on the chair opposite Kelvin and the first thing he heard pissed him off, it was a nosy sip. Kelvin was used to that, knowing it gets Fosa out of place.

“You dey craz.” 

“Almost!” Kelvin grumbled with yam mashed between his teeth. 

“So you are eating with a mad man. Cool.. That makes you mad.” Fosa frowned as he watched Kelvin go for his cup again.

“No please…” Fosa pleaded. That flashed off Kelvin’s eyes. He still took a noisy sip and that made Fosa trap his chin under his fist with the table holding up his elbow.

“I would appreciate the silence.” A thick voice came off their side, pulling their neck to make a move to the right and then back to the left. 

“You came late. What happened?” Kelvin continued, slicing up a piece of yam up with his fork, struggling to stay in his right hands.

“Use you hands man.” Fosa said. Kelvin looked up and he frowned seeing Fosa holding up a slice of yam in his hands, pressing it against a section of the plate, where the fried eggs had been served. 

“I was busy with the register. I had a problem signing out. I didn’t sign in in though.”

“I do remind you of that everyday. Now it is showing, you don’t exit without me.”

“That’s mean. But it is true. I went wide and I almost got injured last night when you weren’t there to control me. “

Kelvin flashed a smile,.

“I never wanted up to that.”

“But I gave you what you wanted….” Fosa went mute as he smashed his teeth against the yam he just had in.

“How come, you lighted that bar. That was amazing… Now I am suspecting you… you didn’t run off because you were angry.”Fosa seized chewing. He pushed down the little piece of mashed yam in his mouth, down his throat. 

“I didn’t plan that oo. For real… I didn’t I just found my self doing it.”

“Were you drunk.”

“A bit.. not that I didn’t know what I was doing. But I felt like I was on top of the world.”

“It’s okay. Don’t preach.” They both laughed and after a while Kelvin was done with his food. He watched Fosa eat up, while he continued with his sip. This time it was silent. 

When he noticed Fosa was almost done. The dug out the show issue and he wanted Fosa’s view on it.

“About what the director told us. You were surprised right?” Kelvin said silently. He looked around to see if no one was listening. 

“I was surprised. I always knew you were a genius. But I never knew you would involved me in this. It would have been your light. He noticed you, not me.” Fosa said frankly. 

“You would have done the same man.” Kelvin said looking off his plate. He frowned looking away.

“I sense the manager had a lot behind all this. He is not just helping us.”

Fosa nodded as he listened. He sensed seriousness in what Kelvin was letting him in on.

“Though there would be much gain in this, but I sense. He also has a big share out of this.”

“That is nothing. If it is going to pay, let him lunch us up. I am fine. We should be too. If the cash is huge.”

“Abeg…” They both smiled. 

“I have a lot in my head bro.” Kelvin said as he pushed away his plate. 

“Lets move. The question will be much from Deji tonight.”

“I know I am prepared.” Fosa replied smiling as he pushed back his chair. They both stood up and they walk towards the cafeteria exit.  

They stood out side the company’s fourth gate and they began to wave down cabs. After so long the sky turned it down and it went quickly with the cloud around the sun. It would rain in couple of minutes. That alone got every one on their toes. 

“And what is the plan.” Fosa asked as the driver took them along third Mainland bridge.

“I have nothing else. I am still working that out.” Kelvin replied as he dug out of his pocket a small smart phone. 

“Did you buy that. How did you…”

“Don’t act like we live just on salaries.” Kelvin snapped. Fosa gulped and he looked out of the moving cab’s window.

“How much is it.” He asked, looking back into Kelvin’s deep eyes. 

“6k… nah show glass.”

“Hope you didn’t  touch my phone.” Fosa asked and it was like he had smashed a stone against Kelvin heart. His head ran like a powered wheel and he knew he might end up his trust campaign  with Fosa if he came up with an unworthy lie. 

“I used it. I called a girl with it.”

“A girl!” Fosa exclaimed, his eyes scanned Kelvin’s hard face in search of an explanation. 

©Godwin Okhuoya