Clowns from mars Eps 32

Fosa stepped into the director’s office with the help of the secretary. 

She came in with Fosa and she handed over a file to the director. He adjusted his glasses and he studied it. He asked her to drop down the file and come back in an hour time. 

“Pull it over here.” The director pointed to an idle chair far off. 

Fosa went over to the end of the office, he jerked up the chair and he carried it suspiciously towards Kelvin. 

He seated the chair close to Kelvin and he stole a glance at him. 

“Ok.” The director said. He coughed demanding their attention.

“What did you do?” Fosa asked with is words trapped in between a whisper.

“Nothing man. Just shut up and listen.” Kelvin replied gently. 

“Attention please.” The director said, clasping his hands. 

They both looked at him, with just one of them expecting a blast. 

“You think this is funny. What did you….” 

“Shhhhh… He helped you out. Listen to me first." The director muttered.

Fosa gulped and he adjusted his seating position.

“I saw him last night in the Block 2, entertaining some workers and I loved it.”

Fosa looked at Kelvin’s face showing a bit of concern.

“I know you two are good at it. Am I right Mr Fosa.”

Fosa nodded and he tried looking into Kelvin’s eyes again, securing a contact.

“Your friend is not the stingy type. He told me it used to be you and him cracking jokes regularly with the workers.” The director made his lips moist with his tongue and he spoke on.  

“I have decided to sponsor a show immediately after Christmas, it would be attended by a lot of people including top officials of this company. I will sponsor the show, I will leave him to secure a venue" The director pointed to Fosa as he was saying. "and every other thing that would make it work. I will take care of the expenses.” The director said.

Fosa looked at him and he felt he had not heard all what the Director had been saying.

“You heard that.” Kelvin mumbled. 

“I think I did. But I am not sure if I did. It sounds like I am dreaming.”

“It is dreams come through baby.”

“I know. But you are forgetting the director is still on seat.” Fosa said, rubbing his index finger on his fore head. 

“You will still have to explain how you worked this.”

“Ok… Guys. Fine…” The director lifted up the receiver and he forwarded a call to his secretary.

“Hello Ife. Get in Monday.” He dropped the receiver and he watched the two guys.

He caught a quick wink from Kelvin and he nodded like he knew what he was doing. His nerves twitched and he felt uncomfortable in his skin.

“Can you guys make me laugh at bit.” He said. That was all he could get in, in a short time space. He was avoiding not to piss Kelvin off. He knew the rules was to make it all look like it wasn't staged. 

“It is funny already director. But I would really want to thank you.” Kelvin said. 

He hit Fosa gently on the shoulder “Wont you say thank you.”

“Oh… Thank you, I am getting confused already.” Fosa admitted, laughing. 

“Sir… About what I told you before my friend came in. I thought you said, you would help us out with a place to stay.”

“Oh… That slipped my mind.” The director said. He caught the looked on Kelvin’s face before a smile covered it up and his mind got out of balance. -Kelvin wasn’t going to remind him of anything else-

“I will give you guys one of my apartment in Apapa and I will let you in for the main time till…” A knock came up and he stopped talking. He looked up and he ordered the knocker to come in. It was the security man. 

“Pls assist my friend out.”The director pointed to Fosa. 

“I want to see if I can give your friend a note concerning your accommodation.” The director said again, looking up at Fosa, a genuine smile laced the director's face and that bought Fosa's heart. The security man moved closer to the table, watching Fosa stand up. The both walked out of the office and they shut the door close behind them.

“I want every superior officer and the president of this firm in the show.” Kelvin said, with is fingers clenching into a fist. The director look changed. 

“I know that is not easy, director but I need every body with a double rank working in this company, there. I will secure a location tomorrow and I will have a I.V printed.”

“It is not possible.”

“Yeah…  make it possible. I have a list with me. I know all the double rank officer in here. don’t mess with me.”

“Kelvin you know that is impossible.”

“And you know me showing up in the court with my evidence is possible. Mr director I need Big men in my show. Men of honour.” He rose up as he spoke.

“Men that can’t be rubbished.” He continued. 


Fosa sighted Kelvin the moment he showed up and he pushed close his locker then he locked it up hurriedly to catch up with him.

“I was coming your way. No need for the hurry.” Kelvin said, holding on to his bag. He let down the bag dreadfully and he placed it at an angle Fosa would not easily reach. 

“How did you do it.”

“I did nothing. He found me.”

“Darn.. I never expected that so quick. What about the house he said.”

“It is just an apartment.” Kelvin replied, letting his hands down into the pocket of his overall. He came up with a folded note and he handed it over to Fosa. Fosa took the note and he studied it. The smile on his face began to grow thick as he read it. It was a short note so it ended quick. The signature at it end was long and unforgeable. 

“What’s next?” Fosa asked.

“Getting back to that house and dealing with that beast.”

“That’s not necessary. We’ve got a new house now man.” Fosa said frankly. He rubbed his hands against his nose and he narrowed it down into his overall pocket aiding his standing posture.

“She lied against you. She framed you up. She made you run away from me.” Kelvin pointed to his chest. “She made you crack up that bar without me.”

“Wao!” Fosa blew an alarm of surprise. 

“I got some chirps off the video someone took. It was fantastic.”


“Yeah man. I don’t know who she is, and I don't want to know. All I know is that we are taking her down to hell even if it is for a day. I know she is waiting for us to get her the shares document. But she knows nothing…” Fosa hugged him tight and he went mute.

“I feel super charged hearing this from you man. I thought you never did believe I didn’t touch Deji’s stuff.” Kelvin ran his hands around Fosa conveniently, been a bit taller. 

“I have to use the toilet now.” Kelvin said, breaking free. 

He walked off and he moved into one of the toilets, he dug out his phone and he dialed the only number on his call list. 

“Key… I just had it locked down with the director just now, and I just convinced the puppet to lets go back to stay with Deji for just a day or may be two…Ok…I will call you soon.” He ended the call and he slide the phone into his overall pocket. 

©Godwin Okhuoya