Clowns from mars Eps 31

Kelvin let go off himself off the Man’s grip and he went to seat quietly on one of the settees lining up the other end of the secretary's office. 

The man looked back removing his helmet and he grazed his head with his left hand. He was on the lowest cut ever. His skin shone like a greased egg. He was in a white shirt with blue strips, well tucked into a black trouser with a big, floating end. He spoke to the secretary and he looked back frequently, marveling at Kelvin’s confidence. 

He moved away from the secretary's table and he returned to the waiting space. 

“Seems, You swallowed a lion.”

“Yeah. And 39 clubs. I can spill out some for you to see.” Kelvin said aggressively. He crossed his hands against his chest  and he took in an air of relief. His heart hammered faster against his chest and he swallowed up the thought that told him he was walking into trouble. 

He knew he was playing the right card and at least the director wont be sanction him for speaking that way to a superior officer. 

“I can hear you.” The man said Aloud looking at Kelvin. 

“Those are my thought.” Kelvin retorted. He opened up his lid slightly and he regretted he did. The superior’s face was like that of a wide lion.

“Your nose.” Kelvin pointed, seriously. 

The superior relaxed and he pitched his nose looking forward to clean up dirt.

“I was just joking.”

“You will joke out of this company today.” The superior retorted. He adjusted his seating position as he monitored the secretary’s move towards him. 

“Your turn.” She said. 

“What about those.” The Superior pointed to a number of people murmuring. They all were seated at another end of the reception. 

“Superior workers, junior workers then anybody else.”

“Oh…I see.” The superior managed to take is eyes off the opened part of the Secretary's blazer.

Kelvin coughed as the secretary turned around. She waited for the superior to pass her by and she stopped Kelvin from going in. 

“He is with me.” The superior officer muttered, flashing her a smile.

The Secretary walked up to a tall and huge security man standing on his balls in one corner of the room. 

“Room Four B. Take them there.” The security man nodded and he moved towards the door leading into the hallway. 

“You like fish.” Kelvin said under his breath, trying hard to kick out the security man’s ear out of his discussion.

“Can you please keep shut and let me know what and what to say to the director. I mean it…”

“You will be sacked today.” Kelvin completed with a quick smile.

“Knock please.” The security man said, stepping aside. 

“Thanks.” The superior said, he waited for the security man to move away but there was no movement. 

Kelvin coughed impatiently. He had it all in his veins. Curiosity was running from every angle. He wandered what his superior would have to say to the director. 

“Come in.” A voice pulled them in from inside the office after the superior's first knock had landed on the door. The security twisted the knob and he pushed the door opened. He made sure Kelvin followed him in and he pulled the door closer to himself. 

The director looked up.

©Godwin Okhuoya