Clowns from mars Eps 29

Kelvin heard a knock on the door and he stopped talking. He motioned to the director to stand up. He was leaning forward and his heart hammered against his chest. 

“Go check who that is” Kelvin said softly. 

He held his gun to the back of the director and he moved with him.

They both got close to the door and the knock landed again. 

“It’s me Ife. Your line wasn’t going through. I have some documents you have to sign. Can I come in.”

“I will call you back. I am a bit busy.” The director said hurriedly. He whisked in regret as he heard the foot step of his secretary, fade away. 

He walked back to his seat and he forced himself into it.

“So what do I do to stop seeing your face?” The director asked, regretfully.

"Well, that is impossible for now.” Today is the 4th of November. I would be hanging around you till...I don’t know when.” Kelvin sighed as he dug his hands into his bag.

"I need a room to stay with my friend. Heard you have an apartment in Apapa."

“Is that all you need?”

"For now.” Kelvin replied.

“I will have to talk to my caretaker then." The director nodded as he searched for his cell phone. The pressure was eating him up and he didn’t know when he missed his phone. Looking close to his keyboard he saw nothing. He looked up guessing Kelvin was about saying something.

“I will advice you tell him to come over tonight and hand me over the keys." The director pressed his fist against his table as he listened. 

“You might not go with this. But, I will advice you to play along Director. I have a lot of people in this. If you try to raise your hands against me. I am sorry. You might have to fall with me.” Kelvin rose to his feet and he paced the room. He stopped in front of the director's table.

“I am waiting.” He said, looking deep into the director’s eyes. 

“Will you talk to him now or do I walk out with this evidence.” He pointed to the brown envelope laying on the table. 

“Pick up your phone now and call your caretaker.” 

“But you disconnected the line.”

“Use your cell phone.” Kelvin said dryly.

The director's eyes hovered the table again and he didn't stop until he sighted the phone behind his Monitor. He stretched to pick it up and his brooding eyes covered Kelvin's nervous face as he listened to his caretaker line ring.


Fosa consulted his wristwatch, it was few minutes to ten. He smelled his breath and he closed up his lid. He threw off spit and he wiped his lips dry. 

He moved a bit further down the road and thoughts began to hit him. He began to regret walking off, but his pride wasn’t letting him be. 

He stomped into a food joint and he marveled at the space in the joint. He located the waiter quickly and he moved towards him. He sank into an empty seat and he beckoned on  the waiter to come over. 

The waiter leaned forward as he passed a list to Fosa. Fosa frowned, observing the list. 

“The front is small why?” Fosa asked.

“I didn’t type it sir.” The waiter replied. Fosa looked up at him unsatisfied.

“Why was it written with blue pen. Why not black?”

“It was typed sir and most of our customers loves the blue colour. We are sorry if it doesn’t suit your taste. Our food will. We serve the best in town.”

“Hmm. I will know now.” Fosa said. “Please sit down.” Fosa added.

“I am on duty sir. I am sorry I can’t.” The waiter replied strictly. There was a witty smile on his face.

“Nahh.. I want you to read it for me.” He waved the menu book at the waiter as he was saying. The waiter collected it from him.

“I am sorry sir. I will have to read it on my feet.” The waiter said again.

“I don hear.” Fosa replied, jokingly.

The waiter dropped a slight cough and he began. He hasn’t said more than two words when Fosa interrupted him.

“I like the way your mustache moves when you are reading. It looks like fish tail.” The waiter grinned and he continued reading. 

“Hmmmm. Stop” Fosa finally said. “It is over five minutes now and you are not done. Do you have any food that starts with the name T.”

“Yes we do” The waiter said and he flipped through the pages of the book. 

“Ok..” Fosa interrupted his flow again. He stood up to his feet and he looked at the waiter.

“You guys don’t have toothpaste.” The waiter glowered. Fosa stared back at him through his thick lashes and he began to wonder what was going on in the waiters mind. 

He stood up, pushing his chair closer to the table and he walked out. The waiter’s eyes followed him and he regretted waisting is time with him. 

He moved close to another waiter who was with a tray. 

“Do you know him.”

“No…" The other waiter replied. 

“He is a big fool.”

“I know." The other waiter said, nodding. They both moved over to a stand, occupied by other waiters. 

“He is crazy.” The waiter said angrily under his breath.


A car slowed down getting close to a packed space bus and the car pulled up. It was few meters away from a large gate. The environment was silent and there was no sufficient light around to expose any moves. It was a deserted road. It lead to the third gate, leading out of the company. 

The space bus door opened and a tall man stepped out. He moved swiftly towards the car packed behind  him. He leaned on the car’s door and he spoke looking the thick director, trapped behind a seat belt.

“You called me. It is late sir. Hope all is well.”

“Sure.” The director detached a smile.

“This friend of mine just came over. He needs a place to stay. I would like you write him a letter to forward to the gatemen so the key to one of the empty flats can be given to him.”

The tall man nodded. He grazed his head with his hands, in thought and he moved away from the car.

“Is that all you need.” The director asked Kelvin as they both watched the tall man return to his car.

“No… A friend of mine will come see you tomorrow, if possible. I will need you to tell him some things.”

“Like what?” The director became curious. The tall man had returned before Kelvin could generate a reply. The tall man forwarded a note to the director and he took it from him and he passed it to Kelvin. He helped Kelvin turn on the car’s reading light and he waited for a satisfied gesture from Kelvin.

“It is good.” Kelvin said. The director told the tall man to go, and he had not gotten close to his car when a siren came on from afar. Kelvin was almost out of his seat, but the seat belt held him back. He looked at the director and he noticed he wasn’t bothered.

“Relax. It is just those security guys on patrol." The director said as he slipped out of his suit a plastic ID Card. He picked up his phone and he forwarded a call.

“Hello. Don’t move yet.”

“I understand. I am not in an hurry.” The voice came in from the other side. 

The director ended the call and he faced Kelvin.

“What’s the name of your friend." He asked, looking through his glasses tinny Lens.

“His name is Fosa.” Kelvin replied. 

©Godwin Okhuoya