Clowns from mars Eps28

Getting into the hallway, Kelvin pulled down his bag. He lowered his height. He looked left, and then right and he adjusted the his shoe's lace. He moved a bit further, then he turned right. He faced a door and he shook his head. He moved closer to the door a bit and he mumbled under is breath. He raised his hands and he knocked. 

“Come in.” The voice called on him. He held the knob and he twisted it to the right. He heard the crackling sound as he moved in. 

“Ife… Did you come in with the files.” The voice continued. 

Kelvin crossed his hands against his chest as he picked up the figure of a man climbing up a ladder trying to pick up a file on a very long self. 

“Ife… Please pass me the evacuation form on the table.” The man continued facing the shelf. He kept on flipping files with a thin pair of glasses standing on his nose. 

Kelvin coughed and the man flipped, falling off the ladder. He heard him crash violently into the ground and moved over to an empty chair in front of a disorganized table. 

“Who are you?” The short thick man in a starched sky blue shirt said, scrambling to his feet. 

“Get out now. How come you got here.” The man yelled again. 

He rushed over to his table and he grabbed a telephone. Kelvin crossed his leg on the table and he watched the scared man try to make a call.

“I disconnected that.” Kelvin said calmly.  He watched the man's head sink into his neck and he smiled. He knew all what was going on in the man’s mind, and he was ready to make the man more confused. 

“Sit down” Kelvin ordered the man. “I disconnected the line before I came in. Your secretary doesn't even know I am in. I didn't come in through the main door. ” Kelvin continued. 

“What do you want?" The man asked, terrified.

 " Do you want your duty post changed or you want an increment in your salary?”

“Please sit down Mr Monday. I need more than all of that from you.” 

Kelvin watched the director lower himself into his seat.

Kelvin dropped his legs off the table and he coughed lightly as he watched the Director observe his uniform. 

“Please don’t doubt. I am your staff and I need your help.” Kelvin said pitifully. He laughed as he watched the Director panic. The Director shock as Kelvin unzipped his bag and he brought out of it, a gun. He laid it on the table and he smiled.

“What do you want?” The Director wavered.

“shhhhh” Kelvin sighed. 

“Remember Rasheed Salami. Do you know him?” 

“Rasheed Salami.” The Director repeated getting deep into thoughts.

“Rasheed Salami.” Kelvin shirked. He rubbed his lips slightly with one of his fingers and he smiled. 

“Sorry for shouting.” Kelvin pleaded. The could see sweat dropping off the Director’s chin.

“The contractor who died four years ago.” Kelvin proceeded. He knitted his brown and he looked deep into the director’s eyes. 

“I didn’t kill him. I swear” The Director said. 

“But you told the court you didn’t see him that day.” Kelvin snapped. 

“Yes I didn’t.” The Director replied. He watched Kelvin’s lips intensively and he was ready for an explanation when he saw Kelvin raise up his hands. 

“Please do you have water in your fridge.” Kelvin asked. The man’s eyes flew off Kelvin face and it went for the short refrigerator located in one corner of the office. 

The man went off his seat and he returned with a bottled water. Kelvin opened it up and he emptied it down his throat. He dropped the empty plastic bottle on the floor and he stepped on it. 

He belched and he picked up the conversation again.

“I could help out in the court’s next seating by January and offer evidence that might get you behind the bars. That means no more direction, Mr director.”

“I didn’t…”

“Shhh” Kelvin intruded. He dug out a brown envelope and he slipped out a picture. He slid it across the table to the man. 

“That picture says you saw Rasheed Salami four years ago. The same day he died. It says 13th August. Check the lower part of the picture.” He watched the director observe the picture with his lips wide apart. 

“Well. You might not have killed him. But that picture says you saw him on the day he died. Which his against what you have been testifying to for the past four years.” Kelvin said.

He heard the man gulp loudly and he leaned against the chair he sat on.

“What do you want.” The Director asked firmly.

©Godwin Okhuoya