Clowns from mars Eps 27

"Can I leave now?" Kelvin asked.

"Sure! pls do." The man replied. 

Kelvin walked up to the door and in an attempt to pull it open his gaze highlighted his shadow and he noticed a gun extending off the man's hand. 

He turned around scared as he fell back, leaning on the door. The man pointed the gun at him and a smile took root on his face. 

"I slipped it out." The man said. Kelvin let go of an air of relief. He moved close to the man and the gun was delivered into his hands.

"Be more careful." The man added.

"Thanks." Kelvin said and he whirled around facing the exit.


Kelvin’s cab pulled up right in the sixth parking lot of the in the company's compound. It was few meters towards the changing room and the power house. 

He frowned as he forced change he collected from the cab man into his pocket and he walked eastward towards a long erected building whose wall had been established with marbles. He could sight people loitering every where and he was ready to throw up a frown, he knew someone would run into him without a sorry. He entered a large hall with lockers lacing the walls from end to end, and he coughed, inhaling smoke. He could see some group of workers chatting, smoking and drinking and he cursed under his breath. 

“Two-Three-Two-Three” He muttered a song and he moved towards a locker on his right. A guy was on his right and he could see the guy pulling out of his locker a yellow helmet. 

“Any difficult work for the night?” Kelvin asked.

The man dropped a smile and he said noting. 

“I thought we met last week closed to 3rd mainland bridge.” Kelvin continued.

The man flashed a surprised look and he kept back his word to himself.

“Now you are wondering how I saw you.”

The man pushed close his locker and he set a big padlock on it lock hole.

“I was in a cab when I saw you trekking.” The man grinned and he slipped his key into his pocket.

“You are crazy, man.”

“I know that.” Kelvin acknowledge. He threw up a thumb up sign to the man and he whispered to him.

“I am doing a show on Christmas day. Will you be there?”

“Definitely.” The man replied He moved a bit away from his locker and coughed. His hands shielding his mouth.

“Will you stop coming down to the work site every evening to crack our ribs with your brother.”

“No. Not at all.” Kelvin coughed. He locked up at the man and he was ready to shake him.

“Can I go now.” The man asked.

“Sure pls do.” Kelvin replied. He squinted his eyes and he felt he had a huge a question to ask. One of those he had asked but had not gotten an answer to.

“You didn’t tell me.”

“What!” The man exclaimed. His face grew strong with a log of curiosity in his eyes.

“The show. Or will you be sending someone to represent you?” The both laughed. The man moved closer and he jolted his elbow jokingly into Kelvin’s sight. 

“I will be there. Any need for tickets.”

“Yeah. I will need you to be on the high table…Sorry table for ten.”

“What?” The man face got immersed in a pool of curiosity. 

“Five million naira for that.”

The man laughed. “You don’t want me to come shey!” The man said.

Kelvin moved close to him and they both moved a bit forward. He looked back and he looked satisfied seeing his locker wasn’t opened. He had heard stories about how lockers had been moved by guys who steal for a living.

“Ok. Lets do it this way man. Since my table will be very expensive. Come with your own table.”

The man laughed out again. He grabbed Kelvin’s head and he plugged his armpit. They both laughed wide and after a minute. He let go of Kelvin’s neck. The noticed people were finding it hard to face their lockers or move further without turning their necks at at them. Some had even abandoned their discussions and they had their attention focused on them. 

“What’s your name.” The guy finally asked.

“Kelvin” Kelvin said shaking the man’s wide palm. The man held on to him and Kelvin felt the difference. The man’s hand was thick and strong.

“It hurts.” Kelvin said.

“Oh!” The man let go of Kelvin's hand.

“Idris.” The man said. 

Kelvin stood in the wide door way and he watched the man swing his head as his body carried him down the stairs. He was a tall man with a very long leg.

He moved back to his locker and he pulled open his locker again. He carried out of it a mopping stick and a scrubber. He held on to his bag’s handle and he pushed close his locker. 


Kelvin walked into a big store. His presence pulled up attraction. He sniffed and he moved in a bit further. He could see guys sweep together cocoa seed and some were separating shafts and other dirt that would not be useful.

“Hey guys. Has anyone seen. Tayo” He cried out. Some of the workers stopped working and they looked up to him.

“Tayo didn’t come today.” Someone yelled from his left. He looked far off, matching the voice with the familiar voices he had locked up in his head. 

It was Zairi, he guessed before he turned his head to the left.

“Where did he go.” Kelvin cried again at the top of his voice.

“Heaven.” Zairi cried back. Kelvin hissed and he moved closer to Zairi. He held his hands, stopping him from moving his scrubber any further and he asked. 

“Did he tell you anything.”

“He is off duty today. Didn’t you check the roaster. What are you doing here self.” Zairi fired.

“I am here to price your brain and sell it off to a dog.” 

“That isn’t funny.” Zairi said, throwing up a foster smile. 

“Let him work pls. We have a lot to do tonight.” A man in an oversize overall intruded. 

Kelvin held unto Zairi’s hand and he tightened his fingers around it. 

Zairi looked up at him, pain laid on his sun tanned face.

“Don’t act like you know nothing. When you know a lot. Why didn’t Tayo show up.”

Zairi was mute for a while, acting like he was digging up thought. 

“P-l-e-a-s-e...Ask him yourself.” Zairi let out.

Kelvin let go of his arms all at once and grimaced. 

He moved back a bit and he picked up his mopping stick and scrubber. He moved towards the door and he looked back hearing someone call on him.

“I thought you came to help us.” The voice reached him.

“You need to memorise the roaster.” Kelvin yelled back.

He got out of the store and he used the graded path leading to a four story building far off.

“Director…Director…Director” He sang.

He took hurried steps, and his long legs covered up for him. He pulled out his phone and he dialed the single number on his call list. The phone rang for a short while and it was picked up.

“I am going to see the director now.” Kelvin said hurriedly in a low tone. He sounded curious, anxious and confident. He scratched his eyes as he listened to the voice from the other end. 

“Plans changed. Tayo didn't show up. I would have to ask him for a room to stay. Even a house. If possible…. No…I wont…that is necessary…Ok thanks, I will have to call you back.” Kelvin ended the call. He pulled up his phone to his face and he frowned seeing he was close enough to the building.  

©Godwin Okhuoya