Clowns from mars Eps26

Kelvin moved along the busy road of a noisy street filled up with people, mostly traders and automobiles. The street was parted into two by a tied road with bumps few meters apart, making Cabs and bikes slow down; giving ways to traders to persuade riders to buy their product. 

Traders will run after cars, straining their muscles and most of them would rush off to attack another cab gently climbing over bumps to tell them what they have on trays or in their bowl.

It used to be a deserted street but it was soon noticed by riders who would not want to spend so much time in traffic jams along major roads. Soon it was like the main road but not applied by every body whose car had no good shock absorber. 

The street later came into conclusion to stop public cars from plying their road and they created bumps every 20 meter. That actually made the road more busy, inviting traders who knew cabs would slow down every minute on the road.

Kelvin held his bag in his hands as he forced his way down the road. Pedestrians weren't taking it easy, so were traders. 

Kelvin got to the end of the street and the first chance he got to look around was ruined by a cab flashing it's light in his face. He got angry and he cursed at the top of his voice. But the noise made it impossible for him to hear himself. 

He sighted a man pushing up a wheelbarrow into a store and he smiled. He looked at the road for the sixth time "God!!" He cried out bitterly. The cars were honking at each other. They were tightly packed that he could see no space for him to go through. 

Drivers got out of their cars and they began to shout at each other, seems an accident had just occurred in the front and there was no movement. 

He scaled one of bonnet of the cars whose driver was missing and he shut his ear against the cry of the passenger. He held his bag tight as he forced his way through the tight space between two cabs, triggering a curse from a biker. He looked at the biker like -What is your business- and he faced the road again. 

Now he was at the other side of he road. His breathe hardened and he knew what that meant. He could feel his heat hammer faster as fear took hold of him. He sighted a man in the shop where the wheel barrow had been drove into. It was the same man who drove the wheel barrow in. 

He was a tall dark man in a singlet that made his broad chest and his muscular arms very visible. 

Kelvin stopped watching the man as he slid his hands into his pocket. This was going to be the biggest risk he was ever going to take. He approached the shop and he tried all his possible best to keep his heart out of his throat as he locked gaze with the man.

"Good evening sir." The muscular guy was saying as Kelvin tried confirming if he was alone. "We are closed for the day." The man confirmed.

"I know" Kelvin replied sharply and he flashed a smile. The man smiled back testing the strength of Kelvin's gut. 

Kelvin lowered his bag, letting it off his back and he spoke. 

"I came to deliver something to you." Kelvin continued. 

The man nodded positively giving Kelvin the whole of his attention. His eyes monitored Kelvin's movement and it stopped as he watched Kelvin withdraw an empty hand out of the bag.

"From Key." Kelvin whispered. The look on the guy's face changed and an expressionless look sprang up. 

He waved Kelvin to follow him up and he shut the close behind them.

"What is wrong with Key." The man muttered as he grabbed his phone. He looked out of his window and he confirmed if no one was coming close. No one was. He pushed close the window and he frowned waiting for the call to be received. 

Kelvin studied the room and in the matter of seconds he could say the man's shop was more than a shop. It looked like an house. The night might has lowered his guessing ability viewing the shop from outside. But now that he was in, he sighted gadgets that concreted his thoughts into conclusion. 

"I told him I wasn't ready yet." The man said again as he ended the call. 

"Not going through?" Kelvin asked. The man looked at him and he nodded.

"Did you come with it." He asked.

"Yah." Kelvin replied. He unzipped the bag and he collected from it a mask with a clown face and a gun." The man collected the mask first and he examined it. He returned it to Kelvin and he collected the Gun. He only check if it had bullets and he returned it back to kelvin. 

"Hundred is all I have."

"Let me have it. I will tell Key when I get through that we still have unfinished business." 

"Good." The man let out an air if relief. He touched himself like he was searching for something. And soon, he excused him self. He moved back towards the end of the shop and he grabbed a chain. He began to pull the Chain down and the wall of the shop began to go up.

Surprised Kelvin, could not hold himself anylonger. He didn't know when he spoke. 

Behind the wall was a room. The man dropped a curtain down before Kelvin could journey around the room with his eyes and he said aloud from behind the curtain. 

"Give me Five minutes." 

Kelvin took his eyes from one point and he rested it on another object. He wasn't bored. He smiled at all he saw. The old radio with a wire running around it antenna made him grin, but the flower in the shelve far off; attached to the wall made him adjust his seating position. 

"Your bag."

 Kelvin looked to his left. He saw the man push the curtain aside, making it out with a black nylon. 

"I should count it first." Kelvin said with a beam. He stretched out his hands and he watched the man deliver the nylon into his hands. 

"You don't trust me?" The man asked.

"I don't trust my mama." They both laughed.

"It is money bro." Kelvin continued as he peeped into the nylon. He lifted up a bundle of money. One thousand naira notes. He counted it with the nylon stocked in between his armpit and he nodded. 

He dropped the money back into the nylon and he slipped it back into his bag. 

"Can I leave now?" Kelvin asked.

"Sure! pls do." The man replied. 

Kelvin walked up to the door and in an attempt to pull it open his gaze highlighted his shadow and he noticed a gun extending off the man's hand. 

He turned around scared as he fell back, leaning on the door. The man pointed the gun at him and a smile took root on his face. 

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