Clowns from mars Eps 30.

“Where will he be.” Kelvin said under his breath as he walked into the company’s organic garden. He had checked every where he felt his friend could be but he had not seen him. 

His bag was behind him and he was very cautious of every move around him. He needed Fosa so bad and he knew what it meant if Fosa get off his grip. Key would be sliding a knife across his throat. His bag was worth more than any Rubie. The note that would get him a convenient house free of intruders was in the bag. He knew he would not be moving into the house till he settled his unfinished business with Posi and he better plan.

Kelvin came close to a shop just few meters out of the company’s main gate. It was an extension of a big house. Over five guys sat outside the shop with their shirts off . They had all their eyes glued to a phone. The sound came of it and it was like a man talking in a hall filled with laughing machines. 

“Any snacks?” He asked. The guy holding the phone looked up at him and he replied. 

“I thought your company got you covered.”

“They don’t sell junks in there.” Kelvin replied, smiling. 

“Savage biscuit. Do you have it” Kelvin added.

“It is now two for One fifty.”

“Bring it.” Kelvin said. He watched the guy walk back into the shop and his face came down on the phone the guy had dropped on the bench he sat on. The other guys rushed to pick up the phone. One had it instead and the other complied to watching with him. 

“Let me see that.” Kelvin said curiously. He had just heard a familiar voice. He could not be mistaken.

He pulled closer to them when they refused to hand over the phone to him and he flashed a smile affirming the doubt he had in mind.

“I knew it.” Kelvin said.

“Do you know him.” One of the boys asked in between laughter. 

“No.’ Kelvin nodded. He noticed the guy with his buscuit was out and he went towards him to pay for his biscuit.

Kelvin walked back into the company through the third gate. The closest to him and he concluded to sleep in one of the stores were driers were kept. 

He planned his night well. He was darn sure Fosa was going to be at work the next day even if he wasn’t going to speak with him. 

It all ended as just mere thoughts before Kelvin began to snore. He would have kept the machines awake all night if they had their hearing abilities on. He was loud and it all came up with an echo. 

He was up before the security team came up the next morning and he had sneaked to the cafterian with a day old ticket. 

He wasn’t going to get his free meal until he soiled the waitress head with a load of explanation. He finally got served with a plate of porridge. His feet hurt in the boot he was in and he was ready to get out of it at an moment. He looked around to see if Fosa was around. The very moment he was done, he rushed down to the store house behind the oil extractor plant and he saw workers bagging up kernels and loading it on a truck. No one looked like Fosa in there. Then he remembered he had misplaced his mopping stick some where he could not remember. He moved over to block 28 and he got a new mopping stick and a scrubber. He had his ID number dropped and that took care of the bills. 

He walked back to the large board in front of the admin building. 

“9.00” He read out and the guy with an earpiece hanging off his ear gave him a cold stare. 

He walked off to resume his duty post and while waiting for his duty allocation he sighted Fosa walk in. His eyes was heavy and it looked like he had sailed a ship from heaven to earth over the night. 

“Been looking for you all night. I slept here thinking you would come.” Kelvin said approaching Fosa. 

“Hmmmm Hmmmm” Fosa replied with a foster frown. He kicked up a smile, acting like nothing was wrong. 

“I knew you would look for me.” Fosa continued. 

He moved forward to meet the man with a clip board and a blue helmet on his head. They talked and the man checked the clip board frequently as he spoke with Fosa. He pointed far off and fosa nodded in understanding.

Fosa returned to meet Kelvin and they both shook hands. 

“I going to block 13 to work.” Fosa said.

"Let's talk oo!”

“See ehn, I am going back in there. If that’s your plan. I would rather sleep in the street.”

“Or you sleep in people’s kitchen or on people’s roof.”

Fosa flashed a smile. “You are crazy" he replied.

“At least Deji would have sensed something is wrong. But we have to go back and get our stuffs. But for real, I have a plan.”

“Did some one dash you an estate. You mention getting our stuff like you have a big plan.” 

“Nahhh” Kelvin frowned. 

“I just won a lottery. The price tag is a whole town in Togo.”

“Shut up.” Fosa jerked a fist into Kelvin’s side. 

“You better move now. He had looked here over five times.” Kelvin pointed to the man on a blue helmet as he spoke. 

“The director will call for you soon.” Kelvin whispered. 

“For what” Fosa dropped a frown. He moved backward and he held Kelvin’s hand. 

“Did you just cause a crime and you dragged me into it?”

“Yeah I landed my brand new chopper on the director’s roof. Tachtachtachtachtach.” Kelvin demonstrated with his hands. 

Fosa nodded. “Fool” He said under his breath and he moved away towards the exit.

He whirled around and he threw Kelvin a middle finger gesture. 

“Didn’t I ask you to move to Block 13” The man in blue helmet shirked. “And you, have I told you what to do.”

“Nooooo” Fosa said smiling. He moved closer to the man.  ”I was here couple of minutes ago. You told me to chill.”

“And so, who owns the explanation.” The man said at the top of his voice. Kelvin sniffed and he rubbed his nose with his finger. 

“I will report you to the director and I will make sure you are fired.”

“You might get fired instead.” Kelvin replied confidently and that caused a “waooooooooo” From the workers around.

©Godwin Okhuoya