I was so elated as I walked out of the airport, I was attending my best girlfriend’s wedding and again I was going to see my fiancé , oh how I missed him, I haven’t seen him in like 8 months due to the fact that I was busy with my masters abroad, I had thought we would not work because it was long distance but we have been together 3 years and counting and we were growing strong and besides my friend who is getting married dated her man for about 2 years without seeing him and they met briefly and the wedding bells are ringing. As at the time I got to the venue of the engagement, they were done already so I just found my friend, exchanged pleasantries with her and congratulated her before I went back to the hotel I was lodged in, before I retired to bed I called dare,  my boyfriend and we chatted for a long time and I promised to travel to Abuja to see him on Monday as the wedding was taking place in Lagos. I slept with an happy smile on my face. 

    It's the d-day finally, I was dressing up really carefully, I did not want to ruin my makeup,  I had to look my best after all  I was her best lady. I hurried and got to her place and the sight of her left me stupefied she was breathtakingly beautiful and I grew jealous of her instantly but at the same time I was happy for my girlfriend, we walked together to the car and we headed to the church. The hymns started and the bride came out and we started walking down the aisle together. Then I looked up, the groom’s smile was so natural, he was almost blushing and then it hit me, the groom smiling lovingly to his bride coming towards him, ready to take his vows in front of over 150 people was dare, my boyfriend of many years, whom I have given everything I had including myself. I felt stupid, how could  I not have known, my best friend’s boyfriend share the same name, workplace, and many other crucial things including state of origin with my own dare.

      I was able to go through the wedding, but as soon as I got a free time I booked an emergency flight due for the evening, I met his eyes a few times at the wedding and reception, and he was mouthing something like he would explain this whole thing to me, but I was too weak to listen again. Immediately after the reception I went back to the hotel, packed my things and left without seeing him nor leaving a message for him or my best friend, I was too weak to handle the pain, I was walking back into the airport as a broken hearted girl.

©Promise Adebayo