Bress Of Laiv!

Bobo loved bress. Everything that tottered on the chest gave him joy. Quick fingered he was for he pressed in public, at home, at work, in church. Bobo simply lived to press, and press he did. Flat, round, fallen, upcoming, black, brown, bleached, Bobo pressed all.

All bress soft and press-able the good Lord made them all!

Bobo also had keen sight — the superman kind of vision. He could spot bress from miles away. Yes, Bobo was good like that.

And though his friends warned that unallowed bress pressing and sighting would burst his bubble, sweet Bobo would sneer and say he expected a good many busts. He sure punned on the bust, lord knows!

Blessing was the baddest bustiest bitch around. She had 'em gaddem bress that nodded at all bress lookers and made fallen soldiers rise in defiant attention. Oh, Blessing had it all! And so she caged 'em bress in a bra like two peas in a pod. Blessing liked the attention her bress brought, and the daredevils who were game enough to want to feel 'em bress and make her swoon.

Friday, Bobo entered a club. Blessing came onstage in a loose lingerie with 'em bress bouncing upandan. Gears turned in Bobo's head. Keen eyesight kicked in and bress zoomed in. Bobo saw past the lingerie and the nipple cover underneath.

Awon X-ray vision!

Bobo smacked his lips. Damn!

"Press me! Press me!!" 'Em bress called to Bobo. Village people folded arms and watched.

Bobo walked to the stage mouth agape, entranced. As Blessing practiced her salacious art of pole dancing, Bobo reached out and grabbed bress.

Jaws dropped and eyes widened but Bobo pressed and grinned. Blessing was surprised but heated up under Bobo's masterful ministrations. Damn! She wanted that so she gave him her number.

As the months passed, Bobo only pressed one pair of bress — Blessing's. Bobo pressed until 'em bress gleamed and had his prints for an insignia. Bobo had to have 'em bress to himself so he proposed to Blessing.

"Ya a bress-ing in disguise!" Was his opening line. "Maybe it's not like in feems but I cannot comman goan die. Alakoba dinot help anybody, rara. You bust my bubble, Bress-ing. Marry me!"

And Blessing jumped and screamed and cried and bress joggled. Bobo smiled. He saw it coming — bress unlimited!

©Porl Bob Jnr