His face was like a stony foundation as he looked through the glass wall. The beautiful city of Accra. He stayed in one of the high rise in Madina. The same building that hosted, the offices that ran the company he managed. He had his eyes on owning the company Uzo Berkeley, the Southern Nigerian who had picked him up from the grass, spurred him up to success by making him manage his branch at Accra which was bringing in the company's major income founded.
Aiyah wasn't just made the head. He had spent 25 years with Uzo. 10 Solid years as his P.A. All those were to test if he had a room for commitment. If he could stick to a thing for so long. Off course his idea birthed the Accra branch, he being a Ghanian made all of that easy. He didn't meet the company at nothing. But he did make something out of it.  
" Aiyah , You seem disturbed." Aiyah turned around. His gaze fell on Bour's wrinkled and rough face "Patience will be in town soon. Uzo is sick. Fix that together" he replied. His hands totally buried in his pocket. as he leaned against the glass wall, his eyes wandering on Bour's face.
"The company is yours. You should be happy. Are you scared about what his daughter is up to? Pls don't tell me you are." Bour said. Aiyah smiled as he picked up his walking stick off the wall. He walked towards Bour and laid his hands on his shoulder. "You are 60 and i am 52. You should process stuffs more than i do". He took his hands off Bour and he walked over to the door. Bour was stiff and he didn't twist a muscles. Then he spoke out. "Are you working out on me?" Bour asked as he finally turned around. "Yes. I am, and i am about to. You either tell me what to do. Or i walk out of that door, get into my office and i solve this my self". There was an hush in the room for about 40 second. "Ok" Bour said, then he sighed. "Lets use your office."
They both walked out of the room. Approached the elevator and they said not a word to each other till they reached the 14th floor, the peak of the building. "Afternoon sir" A thin lady in an brown suit greeted, and walk pass them. "I really am not plea..." "shhhhh" Bour hit his index finger on his lips. Aiyah caught that and he kept his lips sealed. They walked into Aiyah office. The door went close and Bour began as Aiyah pulled off his suit. "They all are loyal to Uzo. They hear you dig up anything against him and you forget you ever had all of this" "Hmmm" Aiyah Sighed, nodding in agreement to Bour. "Can i talk now" Aiyah asked as he walked over to his table he sat on it and he forced out a smile. "Pls seat" His weak hands pointed Bour a chair. He rubbed his eyes gently then he ended up grazing his gray hair. "Uzo stays in Nigeria. I stay right here with them in Ghana. But they respect him more than me. Why? That's horrible. I am not bothered though" "You don't have to be." Bour fired "He employed you. He might take you as his son. But don't forget. His wife never mothered you. Although she is late. But she had a daughter for him. Do you think Uzo will skip Patience and give you the company. Hell no! You have to answer to patience." "So what do we do?" Aiyah cut in. He place his walking stick against his table and he grimaced. Walked over to the telephone and he dialed a number. "Hello, Tell Hakeem to take one of the cars to Kotoka airport. Tell him i will call his personal line to tell him what to do. Fine" He ended the call as sweat dropped off his chin. "I am afraid mr Bour. We have to go the way we discussed yesterday." Bour smiled. That was what he wanted. He wanted a deal with Aiyah. If Aiyah becomes the real boss. It would really have a big impact on what comes in for him. 
Back in the 6th floor was Aiyah. He stood against the glass wall and he studied the busy streets of Accra. A frown on his face as he stared at the sun standing, fixed in the clouds. He walked over to the table Bour sat behind and he picked up his hat. "He dug out his phone from his pocket and he consulted his phone's screen. His lips tightly closed against each other then he spoke. "She has been in Accra since 12. Now it is 2pm, she hasn't called." "She might want a surprise visit, you know" Bour replied, he paused then he spoke again, his eyes travelled across the room, Aiyah face was his destination. "Then lets get started at surprising her. Act cool, She is up to something." Aiyah whisked as he listened. "As long as you have signed the documents i think you are done. She is just 25. Not married. We can kill her" He whispered his last sentence. 
The door flew open, throwing the discussion into a premature close.  A tall man had walked in and a thin white wire ran out of his ear, coiled as it routed it's way back into his suit. "I found a wire sir!" "a wire!" Aiyah face went blank in a blink. "And i have traced it" he continued. "It goes to the IOV room. I have checked the IOV room and all i found in there was an empty recorder." "Damn it!!" Bour exclaimed. He looked into Aiyah eyes and he saw something greater than anger. 
Aiyah phone buzzed. He signaled for him to be left alone with Bour. The door smashed close and he looked up to Bour, his phone still vibrating. "Where is she" "Accra!" "Where in Accra?" Bour sighed. He could not give a definite answer to the question. 
Morowa stepped out of the elevator. She walked across the hallway and her face went on the tags on the room door. She stopped as she came opposite the 6th room on her the left. She pushed the bell and the door went opened after about 10 seconds. A dark skinned tall girl showed up. Her wide eyes spoke fear. Morowa slipped in and she shut the door close behind them. "Are they here?" "Yeah" Morowa said in fear. "Patience you will need to disguise and get to the airport." "What about you.  Aiyah will find out you wired his office. He is going to kill you." "He wont find out. I will be out to Algeria before weekend." "Fine, but" "shhhhh, Sit down pls" Morowa said, her voice going hard. 
20 minutes passed by and Morowa was still busy working on patience face. She had to make her look different so she wont be spotted. Few minutes later she was done. 
Patience was in a long Black gown sweeping the ground. Her heels gave her an extra height and her face was thick with so much counter fillers, foundation and powders taking their roots on her face. 
She walked out of the elevator and her gazed search out for the men in gray suit . Just as she sighted the first one of them, she felt a stiffness in her legs. She was scared, the ground became unleveled and every step she took was like she was stepping into a ditch. She slipped out her phone quickly and she drove it close to her ear just as she cross the wide reception towards the exit. They had blocked the whole route out of the hotel. Morowa's idea of her not taking along her luggage really helped.
Her heart thumped faster, observing a guy was staring at her. He spoke into a mouth piece attached to his wrist and he looked away from her.
She took in a breath of relief as she stepped out of the hotel. She waved down a cab and she made her way to the airport. 
Aiyah opened up the window to his office. Tears dropped down his eyes as it settled on his chin. Now he had loosed everything. Patience had slipped off his grip. His plan to murder her had been exposed and the police will be coming in for him in any moment. He wanted a life more than this. He wanted to be the boss, Run the the company in Accra, have the company's largest share. Now it had all burned to the ground. 
Aiyah climbed up on his window's frame. He had grown old enough to end his life in a suicide trap. His heart burned with depression and he wanted to end his life as a boss, real quick. "I wont go back into been a servant. I will never experience shame." he had always told himself. He had dreamed to be a boss. He got to the peak of the biggest telecommunication company in Ghana, and he was going to end his life as a boss. He was indeed a boss. He imagined what the news headline will be the next day, nothing was coming up his mind. He closed his eyes.....
©Okhuoya Temitope