Ella stepped out of the cinema, it had been a wonderful evening. The movie was perfect, she had not wasted her time and energy coming that far. She stole a glance on her wrist watch and it was few minutes after 7, The clouds were almost done shielding the settling sun. The last scene of the movie, popped up in her head again and it registered a smile on her face.


 she opened up her hand bag, searched with curiosity as her face puckered, then she recovered only 1 dilema note "Damn it" she said again, she had forgotten some cash at home. That she had in hand wasn't going to be enough for her to take a straight cab home. so she decided trekking a little distance before waving down a cab. Pale is going to mad at her. she hadn't called him in a week. she had successful broken away from him by staying alone, she rented a small apartment along Eastin coast.

"Thank God" she said under her breath as she sighted a phone boot. She walked quickly over to it, and she forwarded a call to pale's office line. she knew he wouldn't have left the office. "Good evening" she greeted, her voice was soft and polite. "where the hell have you been" pale began, almost screaming, she never expected any thing lesser than than from him. "I have been busy" she replied. "I now work at the drug store." "ohhh, dear. i can double up your allowance if you want me to. you don't have to stress your self, doing all of that" his voice carried his message now in a lower pitch. "Where are you?. Are you still on the street" "yeah i am......." The line went off, a frown appeared on her face. That was the last coin she had in her bag. There was no way she could tell pale she had spent all she collected from him the last time she stomped into his office. 200 delima was way much. It could have lasted her a month. 

A cab crawled out of the junction on her right, just before the Kiko's colourful advert sign board. The car had just been slowed down by the driver. She took note of all of that. She zipped up her bag, forcefully with her teeth tightened against each other like her zips need greasing. Then she began to walk down the road. She heard foot steps increasing behind her as she picked up the sounds of nylons been stepped on. Two guys in black hood where following her, her senses came alive. Then she noticed the cab was also following her. She doubted if they were after her at first. but it couldn't be coincidental. -Not even now, not on this road-


The driver stepped on his acceleration pad, increasing his speed as he moved closer to her, he rolled down his side mirror his other hands still on the wheels, then he spoke. "Young lady, Where are you up to." she acted deaf and she kept on walking, she prayed someone appeared and get her out of the mess she was about walking into. but she knew it was never going to happen. Kerb road had been an empty road all it life. There were no residential buildings around it, it was more of a link between Levanok, where the Sterl's major cinema was and Alba. 

She continued walking hurriedly, almost like she was running ignoring the drivers, as she thought about an escape route. She knew the driver talking to her was a plan for the guys in hood to catch up with her. Right from behind appeared a fast moving car, sound of siren came off it, It was the police. The driver quickly opened up the back sit. The two guys in hood ran pass her. they jumped into the car and the driver zoomed off. 


She paused, her hands covering her chest as she felt her heart beat. A young police officer stepped out of the car that had just pulled up beside her. "What are you doing her at this time of the day" "i was just heading back from the cinema, and i..." she stammered, as she ran out of words, trying to take in fresh breath. "Then you should have taken a cab, straight away from the cinema" The police officer, could see she was scared. "let me see your ticket mar" he asked, his hands in his pocket "i need to confirm if you are not lying" he said..


 Then Elle began an unending search, finally she brought out a green card. "over here" she said as she held out the card, then she moved towards the officer. Just as she got close, he withdraw his hands from his pocket, a white handkerchief accompanied his hands, he drove it speedily at her face. He held back to himself with his other hands and he refused to leg go despite her struggling. She gave up the struggle after about 30seconds. Then she fell into his hands and he carried her into the car. 

AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope