Boris walked into pale's office angrily, "what the hell was that" Boris explode. "That's the very guy we talked about. Tega!!".

  He leaned backward on his chair as his face puckered. "damn it" Boris exclaimed. He held his neck tight in demonstration as he sat in front of pale's table. "he almost ripped off my neck. He is damn strong" "i told you that before. how is morlin, what really happened." "i also don't understand. i was shocked too. just as i scrambled on my feet after the bast!rd had gone, i saw her stand in the door way, she looked 10 years younger." "did you send her off for medic" "off course. i Did, the nurse who ought to check her up the next morning was also stunted." pale snorted. He could see the joy in Boris. "But, fighting him was dangerous. he almost killed me" Boris said frowning. "Tell me did he touch you." pale asked eagerly. "yeah he did. It was like something creep out of me when he did. I cant explain it" Boris replied. "any problem" he asked as he noticed a sudden change in pale's face. "Nothing. where is brown" "Ourdston. He is investigating a murder case." "tell him to hand over that case. I will assign someone else to do it. I need you both right here in Sterl." Pale looked aside as he heard his office telephone ring. "Two cups now, yeah. thanks. you can add sugar to the other one....Thanks" he hanged up. He rubbed his chin gently, you can go home now. I think it is late" pale shook hands with Boris. 

Boris walked out wandering who the second coffee was for. Pale watched him step out of his office, sweat broke out his face. he looked troubled. he pulled his telephone closer, picked up the receiver, placed it close to his ear as he waited for his call to go through. "pale!!!. Hope there is no problem" a hoarse voice came from the other end. "There is, boss" pale replied, the receiver shook in his grip. "They need information about ISG. And they are not even asking for it. They re extracting it." "Did you tell your boys anything about ISG" "no sir. i didn't" pale replied, he cleared the sweat that had gathered on his fore head. "Thank God" the voice spoke again with relief. "I will call you tomorrow." The voice said again and the line went off, it had been disconnected from the other end. 



Eldath, a short man with bulged belle and a bald head talking it origin from the center. making his head look like a deserted Island, sat behind a round table, he looked like he was in his late 60. Another guy was seated opposite him in an ash long sleeves under a tuxedo. His face was buried in a news paper, he took the paper off his face and he spoke "What is the problem general" The General scowled. he stubbled out a stick of cigar, and he lighted it. "The bastard is extracting information."

 The thin guy whisked in reply to the general, he picked up his glass and drank out of it. "Then we have to eliminate pale" "yeah. We need to. He is the only one who knows about ISG in Sterl. We need to get him before Zitch does. Whats the first and best step" " Abducting his nephew" The thin guy said, he ran his tongue quickly against his lips "you have to give us the Go ahead to abduct his nephew, and that should be tonight" the guy said again, striking his beads. "If that will make him fall into our trap as quick as possible then do it. Do it tonight." Eldath said, he looked around, then he leaned forward. "I want him dead before 12 midnight." Eldath said again, He rubbed his fore head with two of his thick fingers as worries invaded his head. He leaned backward on the chair he sat on, his belle followed him and he puffed the smoke he had held back in his mouth into the air.

AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope