He stood right in front of the door, he could hear someone walk towards the back of the house, then he sensed the person was up for the light switch. he moved towards the left and he walked across the lawn till he spotted an open window, it was the last room. He stood firm, as he laid on the wall close to the window like he was going to sink into it. He had seen a light flash, it fell on the curtain which had been carefully rolled up above the window. It was boris talking to his wife "Are you ok dear. your nurse will be here as soon as possible. sorry you are in the dark, the switch must be faulty. 

There is no one i can bring in to fix it tonight" boris kept on talking as he approached the bed morlin laid. He sat close to her then he noticed one of her legs was out of the blanket. Then he helped her covered it with the long blanket as he extended the it. "let me go get you a lamp" boris mumbled, he stood up to his feet and he walked out of the room. He returned later with a bright lamp then he noticed something unusual, the window in the room had been shut close.

 Morlin could not move, so who else had it moved? he questioned himself. quickly he withdraw his gun which he had always carried all his life. he pointed it forward and he didn't move out till he had checked the whole room.

He held a bright torch on to himself, like it is a bottle of beer in the care of drunkard, so he could walk without stumbling into any table or chair. he took his steps carefully and he headed the living room. His hands were on the trigger and he was ready to pull it at any point, all he needed was to sight the intruder. 

The gun got knocked out of his hands all of a sudden and it was followed by a swifty punch, which twirl towards his face. Boris leaned backward briskly, as he dodged the punch. Boris was convicted from within he had guessed someone was waiting in the living room but he never saw him coming at him real quick. He would have made a blind shot instead.


Boris dived towards the direction he sensed his gun had fallen. He picked up the gun and he began to fire frantically, he was almost out of bullet when the lights went on again.

Then he was ushered unexpected back into the ground as tega threw him off the off balance with a shoulder tackle. Tega went after him knowing fully well the couldn't claim his gun the second time. Boris creeped quickly towards his gun and just as he stretched to pick it up, he was pulled back by tega who was holding on to his feet. Tega pulled him closer and he ran his hands quickly around his neck digging deep into his throat. "What do you know about ISG" Tega inquired hurriedly. Boris said nothing, it was like he was hanging down a tree. Tega threw him at a nearby wooden table and he crashed it down splitting it into two unequal halves as he dropped exactly on it. Tega offered a frown and he walked towards him.


Boris was trying to get out of the broke table, and before he could help him self out tega was standing over him. "i know nothing i swear" boris mumbled, he could not speak clearly. Tega picked him up by his neck and he lifted him till his legs were off the ground. Tega pinned him to a near by wall and he watched him tussle for breathe, as he tried breaking tega's hands off his neck.



Tega wiped his hands clean with a white handkerchief, his white shirt had blood stains so he avoided every form of light, except the moon's. Blowing an alarm wasn't part of his plan. His eyes scanned around and he took a splay breath as he sighted a phone booth, he walked over to it and he dialed Zitch's number, he listened as he heard the phone ring. No one was picking up. -where is he- Tega thought, He ended the call as he heard a programmed voice speak through the Receiver. He clenched his fist on the receiver like he would break it into two. He radialed and he listened again. "darng darng darng darng darng" ... "Where are you" Zitch voice came in, it was loud and alive "we lost him" "is he dead??" "no he is not, but he knows nothing reasonable about ISG" "Are you sure" Zitch asked again. "yeah, i read his mind. but we have a bigger problem sir." Tega's voice scaled into the phone. 


AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope