Tega walked hurriedly in the sooty street, dusty dim light poles stood at every corner of the road, he was on the side walk and he was in a hurry. His agile and wide steps clearly declared he was up for something. 


He stopped the very moment he spotted a certain building, light poured out it's window. Exactly the way it had been described by Zitch. He threw a quick glance at his wrist watch and a shrewd smile appeared on his face. He crossed the tarred road and he stopped at the other side of the road, where he could walk straight into the building without stress. It was a dark and quite street, buildings laid far apart. He was convinced beyond measure that the building he approached was a bar. He stayed focused as his ear amplified every sound that came out the opened windows, he could ear men chattering, he heard sounds of bottles and ladies laughing, a soft jazz sound went on in the background. 


He rolled up his white sleeves, and he adjusted his suspender, he checked his hair and he made sure it was dust free. 




when he was set, he began by overlapping his long legs as he drew closer to the building, he spotted a janitor standing in front of the building. Then he could see clearly an electronic sign board, the bar's name gently moved on it. 


Just before he got close enough to get an audible conversation with the janitor, the door flew opened and another man stepped out, he had a thick dark mustache standing in front of his nose, He whispered some words to the janitor, it was clear and audible he could hear every distinct word that was encoded in their conversation as he awaited the janitor. 


Tega tightened his fist and he hide it behind him. The door went close and just as the janitor turned around to attended to tega, a punch swung toward his face, it was too quick to be dodged, he fell on his back crashing into the strong walls of the building which rejected him, throwing him back into the ground, he fell face flat on the ground. Tega walked pass him, he never bothered confirming if the guy had passed out or not, he trusted his fist. 


Tega walked straight into the bar, he didnt stop until he reached the counter.. "a glass of bolsvad" he made an order. The bar man, stared at him and he couldn't take his eyes off his cloth. "You have a problem with my shirt" "no, not at all. bolsvad is quite expensive. I was just" "ohhh" Tega exclaimed, he slipped out of his pocket a delima note, he slide it across the counter to the man in an exchange for a glass. 


The bar man pulled open a drawer attached to the counter he stood behind and he dropped the money in there. "I don't have change" the bar man said in a squatty tone. "can i sit here and have my drink" Tega asked as he took a short sip on his drink. The man gave a positive nod, he pointed to an empty table positioned on Tega's right. "Thanks" tega replied he extended his hands for a shake, without hesitation the bar man stretched forth his hands. The bar man felt a slight shock run through him, Tega offered a wide smile to hide any atom of suspicion building up in the bar man. The hand shake didn't stay longer than a minute.


He went over to the lone chair and he sat facing his table, he watch the bar man throw a glance at him, he smile and he sipped his drink his ears were positioned, he could hear every conversation clearly, he only had problem focusing, every of the discussion seemed interesting. He had to finish up his drink as quick as possible, and do what zitch had ordered him to do. 


He took another sip, the drink was almost getting to the bottom of the glass. He was alerted, he just heard something interesting, he focused and he could hear three guys conversing. "That's the bastard" one of the guys said under his breathe "are u sure he is the one who entered last" "yeah, he knocked James off. i saw him" "follow me" he monitored their foot steps and he noticed they approached him, They would kill him if they knew he knocked off their man. 


Tega sat his cup on the table and rubbed his finger against his folded sleeves gently. "Hey." a coarse voice jumped into his ear, they were close already. they wanted him to turn around. he whirled around on the chair he sat on and just as he faced them the whole light in the building went out. 


A quick noise broke out in the bar and he could here people yelling at the bar man to fix the light problem.


Tega's eyes glowed in the dark, it was sharp and bright, "Get hold of him"of of the guys yelled, and before anyone could grab him he was gone. The three men, stared around in confusion, "watch out for his eyes" one of the men yelled. 


A wild punch sank into back of the guy declaring a warning and he hurtled unexpectedly into the other guy who was in front of him. Sounds of bones been crackled and men bawling filled the air. The bar's door was almost pulled down as men and women ran out in fear, pushing it forcefully. The fight had spread and it had reach everyone who had no tolerance for fear. They threw bottles at each other, everyman hit anyone close to him with whatever was in his reach. 


Tega stood from afar, he watched the bar, been entangled in a strong web of fight and anger. He could hear men crashing into tables. Now he was satisfied, he had ignited a wild fight and he had successfully washed his throat with a glass of bolsvad, He closed his eyes and he opened it up again then the light in the bar went on. 


He unfolded his sleeves, and he threw another glance at his wrist watch, it was quarter to 11. Boris should be home now he thought, he stared at the buildings which stood splay apart and he began to count, he stopped counting as he reached the six house. He walked apace until he was close to the house, he noticed the lights weren't out yet, he took a deep breath, knowing what to do. He shut his eyes closed, and the light went out again. His eyes glowed in the dark, he looked around just to confirm if anyone was looking. He spotted no one then he scaled the low fence which as the only thing restraining his access into the building. 


AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope