pale sat in his office, an old blade rolled gently above his head, he could smell danger, his favourite black pen was stocked between his finger and he pushed himself longer into a tunnel of thought, not scared of getting lost.

He heard a cracking sound and he looked up. Gean, his secretary stood in the door way. "your nephew is here to see you sir" she spoke up, she had a fuzzy smile lighten her face. "Tell her I will be with her soon" she nodded and she whirled around. The door slammed close as she walked away. 


The sound of the door closing up echoed deep into pale's Head he was depressed and weak. 

Boris and Brown would now be tried waiting for him. he had to tell them about ISG, about tega, about everything. But he couldn't 't just spill out all he knows. It might be a trap. The commissioner had approved it. There must be a way around this, he thought. 

He stood up all of a sudden, he adjusted his suspender, which held his black trouser down to his waist, he adjusted his tie and he walked out of his office. he walked his way down to the very section where the meeting would be held.


Boris sat still awaiting pale to break the ice, Brown was also on seat, his gaze was on pale who was in front of a black rectangular board fixed to the wall. "everything that will be said here today is going to be confidential" pale bursted.

Boris nodded, he rubbed his palm against each other trying to break off the cold on him. "It all began October 1, 1897...." a mild noise broke out as boris coughed, pale had to stop "pardon" Boris pleaded. pale adjusted his tie then he continued. "I will be telling you guys, all you need to know about this case." He paused then he continued "And if you will agree with me this is an attack on STERL and Mainland as a whole. during the rovers war 1890 General Frederick Iglar made a deal with a certain clan known as The Lombres, they agreed to help Sterl fight against the Comaza soldiers who wanted to invaded our territory. 


That was long before mainland broke out of us and decide to stand alone." pale bit his lips gently, he took time off as he watched the serious look pasted on the faces of the two men who sat in front of him with their hands crossed against their chest. "The war was over after 3weeks, lombres warrior were dangerous, stronger and technical. The general honoured lombres by establishing a long lasting relationship between the two territory. five month later The general was found dead, and that started a wild fire. The two territory were up for war again. Few days later, We noticed The general was working on something unusual, he had spotted an underground cave in lombre filled with gold." "hmmmmmm" Boris sighed. Right there, Brown scoffed and he scratched his head, "can we skip all of this and get to the point" brown mumbled. "Ok" pale scoffed.


 "lombre territory are been led by a certain group called the leva group. Every first male child of a Levanes is called Tega, And a tega names his first son Tega. Another group rose up around 1907 they wanted power to be changed, so they started killing all the Tegas. The underground cave was unknown, only a Tega could read the map that could help locate the cave. The Gold had been buried there for over 700 years, General Frederick's research brought the Gold cave under the light.

march 8, 1925 The last tega was thought to have been assassinated, but 9months later they noticed one of his whores conceived a baby. They tried all their possible best to kill the whore but it was late. She had already put to birth. She handed over the baby to Tekin the third day after she had delivered. Tekin had to run away with the baby and he had him sold to a very rich trader named zitch when he was 9. Zitch was a lombrist, a very respected one, he was one of the rare lombrist who had the ability of shedding his skin so he wont grow old, he was also one of the few who knew about the map. Zitch later noticed that tega was in danger, and if he was killed no one would be able to read the map and help find the Gold. All his attempt to make tega read the map for him wasn't successful. 

oct18, 1970 Zitch sold out tega to Sterl he gave details on how he could be captured and where he would be captured.

Nov 12, 1970 tega was poisoned and when his body was discovered his wife was no where to be found, fortunately she was pregnant when all this were happening. tega was captured and he was locked up in ISG maximum prison where he would never run away. Are you confused???" pale asked, he notcied boris was trying to tap brown. "yeah, I am. The tega of a thing. it is confusing" boris demonstrated with his fingers. "But the guy we saw doesn't look like someone who was born in 1925." Brown asked, he was already drowning in a pool of confusion. "although they age slowly. but The tega you saw is the son of the Tega we captured." "oops" boris signed he rubbed his chin with his fingers. "So I think Zitch wants the Gold by all means, he knows we know his weakness, he had sold us the secret when he wanted to help us capture Tega. That is exactly why he is using the young boy." "So, why all the stress, since he has the young tega why cant the map be read." brown inquired. "The young tega is not up to 20, so he cant learn how to read the map on his own. he needs to be taught." "so why cant They wait for him to be 20" brown fired again. "Zitch is currently controlling the young tega, but when the young tega clocks 20 the control spell would no longer work. That was the mistake he made with the fomer tega. So he needs the younger tega to break into ISG get his father to read the map by all means or teach him how to read it, and there lies the issue. They dont know how to get through into ISG." pale took a shallow breath, "and that is all we have left to protect. "Zitch has the map, we have the reader. If we catch the young tega we will definitely catch zitch". Brown gulped, he felt bored and he wanted the discussion to come to a close. "so how do we catch him" brown asked. Pale threw a glance at the table right in front of him, he adjusted his tie and he smiled, "we have a special ammo that can weaken them. But they are very strong, fast and tough, they are been powered by lights, and they fight better in the dark, They can control lights. And be careful of their touch, they can read anyone's mind with just one touch. They are dangerous, they can...". A knock landed on the door, pale paused and he looked straight at the door. He waved Boris to get up and check out who the knocker was. 


Boris trudged to the door, his feet went numb. he looked grateful for walking the long distance. He slightly opened up the door, and he attended to the guy outside. The slammed the door close and took a deep breath "what's it" pale asked, he had an expressionless look. "your nephew, Elle wants to see you now. I think there is a problem". Pale snorted, Elle had caused him a lot of trouble recently. At first she was spotted on a train heading mainland, and she never took time informing him about the trip. Boris and Brown had linked that out. Now she was back in Sterl she must have caused a lot of trouble in mainland.


AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope