B&G EPS4. 


Out of the darkness appeared two glowing eyes. It appeared right on the car. "Let her go" the voice broke out of the extreme darkness, the eye had not come alone, it came with a speaking body.


 "Who the hell are you" the man said, he let go of Elle and he faced the direction where he had seen the lustrous eyes. Elle scrambled to her feet she held her torn blouse together so it would cover her.

"How dare you stop m....." he was forced to seal his lips as a thick fist scrunched his nose, he fell to the ground holding his nose, the glowing eye had vanished. Blood dripped out of his nose, he attempted standing up but he felt to the ground again, he held his nose hermetically and he laid on the ground for some second, his heart thumped faster, he tried scrambling to his feet but he ended up falling into the ground again, finally he gave up trying. he laid gloomily on the ground.


The street light went on, tega stood a little meter away from where the man had fallen, he took an arched posture, and he gnarled angrily staring at the man. Elle was no where to be found. "Bastard!!!" tega mumbled, he spat out and he walked away.  



Zitch sat in a dark a room, it was cold and he seems pleased with the extreme murkiness, his eyes was shut closed. He had gone long, climbing up the meditation ladder. his hands were placed on the arms of the chair he sat on, and his nostrils were flaring. 


Out of the darkness appeared the glowing eyes again. "you came late tega" Zitch proclaimed, his eyes were still closed. "sorry lord, I had to take care of something" tega's voice scaled out into the aphotic atmosphere.


Zitch opened up his eyes and the light went on, his eyes shimmered bright. Tega was positioned, hunked on the window frame. he jumped down and he walked towards Zitch. "I have announced my self. My lord, they will be out looking for us as soon as possible." Zitch snarled his ear stood and his hair began to rise, he stared at tega from a long range. Tega walked towards him, he knelt in front of him and he awaited Zitch hands to find it way to his head. He gnashed as Zitch hands fell on his head, it was like something was been extracted out of him. Then he stopped struggling. Tega fell into the ground as Zitch let go of his head. Blood flowed out tega's ear. 


Zitch tightened his fist in anger, he closed his eyes and the whole room went out of light again, it was like the whole light had gone into him. He opened up his eyes and it glowed, sharp and bright, it was like he had absorbed all the light flowing into the room "Who is she" he asked glowering. "didn't I warn you not to relate with anyone." Zitch sounded angry. "I am sorry my lord" tega pleaded. "I read her mind, she has a link to the ISG maximum prison, we can reach tega through her".


There was an hush in the atmosphere, Zitch eyes glowed in the dark. "That doesn't mean you should relate with her" Zitch spoke up again, "pardon my lord"tega pleaded he had fallen on his kneels.


The lights went on again, Zitch eyes had gone dark, deep inside of him was terror. 

Tega cripped briskly till he was near Zitch and he fitted his head into his open hands. He drooled and his ears kept emitting more blood. 


Zitch sat on an old study table, right in front of him was an old brown leather, containing some lines and diagram, it looked like a map, that had been drawn 100 of years ago. 

"It is 200 years now, and you haven't been able to decode this map." a young lady on a frame less bed adjacent his table said. "Tega will help me reach his father." Zitch replied "The map would be read and we will find the Gold for our self." he faced the lady then he continued "I trained his father, I received him that night in the coffee shop. I did ever thing for him. Just for him to share me his secret. Then he betrayed me, he refused to read out the map" "then you snatched the map from him, stole away his son and you sold him out to the police. You sold out our weakness to sterl just for a cave of Gold!!!" she exploded. "do you think tega will kill his father, for you." she continued. "Tega is loyal to me, I control him I am in his head. he cant betray me, he is not 20 yet." Zitch snarled. He folded the map, opened a drawer attached to the table and he laid the map in there then he locked it up. 


Zitch pushed back the chair stood up and he walked over to the bed. he pulled off his shirt and he laid beside the lady. She placed her head on his chest. She could hear his heart beat. "He has potentials, he bares his father's name. he might betray you like his father did. Remember you once controlled his father." she said in a low and frequent tone. They both closed their eyes and the light in the room went off. 


Their eyes glowed in the dark as they opened it up again. "Morlin, boris wife is next on target. with her we can get an access into ISG, get to meet tega, get the map read and get the Gold" "you talk cheap dear, pale will never let that happen. remember he is also after the Gold. He arrested tega, remember. He knows our weakness" "That, I have planned. Young tega is smart enough. You know how strong he his, Tega is not just any name, only the first son of the LEVA clan bears that name, they are strong" "you talk to me like i know nothing about all of this" "I only wanted to remind you." the room went calm as Zitch paused, his eyes glowed in the dark, the lady had her eyes closed. "I will bring an end to the whole LEVA clan and soon no body will bare the name tega. The gold is mine" he chucked and soon it turned into a wild laugh, his eyes shone brighter like a burning fire. 


AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope