Brown sat on a long settee, he watched Boris pulled off his jacket. Boris sat right beside brown and they both chortled. "You look terrible" Brown yakked. He grazed his beards hard, "I am going to kill that guy who made your face look like this. You look like a punching bag made of inferior materials" Boris jostled a soft elbow into Brown's belle and they threw in more actions, pegging fun. They were still in the police headquarter and it was almost 11pm. 


"Mehn!!!! pale needs to know we are old" "yeah, we cant run around any more, We are old" "You might not be old, but i am. I will be 49 soon" "Damn it so i am older".

Brown rubbed his bald head bellicosely and Boris laughed out "Your wife is going to kill you" Boris said sniggering. "Hell no!!!" Boris exclaimed as he consulted his wrist watch, he Curveted off the bench and he stomped out of the room.


Brown had earlier telephoned his wife telling her he was back in town, and hell will break loose if he was in town, and he wasn't spending the night at home. That very night was special, it was the Christmas night. Boris was on a saver side, his sick wife would never know if he was around or not. she got sick 3years after their marriage. she went down all of a sudden on a sunday morning and her condition had been deteriorating since then. At first the sickness claimed her legs, then her hands. That was paralysis creeping in, soon her voice followed and her vision finally began to fade. All she had left still working was her heart. Boris had to get his wife back home where he could hold her hands every night and whisper into her ear. "Get well love, your daughter needs you, I also do" he would say. He had gone on the verge of promising her the whole world, if she would say just one word. He would be locked out of the room the next day when her nurse arrives. His wife morlin worked for BOPED Insurance company, she had risen up to a certain climax before she fell on her sick bed.



3:30am Mainland.

Elle approached the colourful lax club house with disco lights every where. She had heard a lot about mainland guys snatching lady's bag. She sighted guys in hoods standing everywhere.


It was the Christmas night. The night wasn't over, so the celebration wasn't off "your pass lady" The muscular janitor requested, he was in a black suit and a dark shade stood on his face. She searched her bag briskly, a scowl appeared on her face, "I cant find it anymore. but i secured one..." "shhh" the janitor sighed, "i cant let you in". She had no other choice than to walk away angrily. 


She stepped into the dark night, the street lights were on and that made her less security conscious. She walked swiftly in the dark, aware of the danger around. She saw cars parked on both sides of the road, guys in hood every where.

Her heart skipped a beat as the street light went off, it came on again, then it went off, Her heart thumped faster, she could smell danger creeping closer, invading her soul. She wasn't told when she picked to her heels throwing away her bag. 


It was dark and she couldn't see well, she hadn't gone so far when she ran into someone. "shhhh" a coarse voice came at her, it was masculine in nature. she was spun around, then she felt something sharp poking her from behind, her heart was almost jumping out her chest.


 "Don't even dare screaming and don't even think about running" "pls, you can take my phone. but don't touch me, pls" she pleaded. He pulled her aside, towards a car and he pinned her to it with his body. He touched her side with a sharp object, it was a knife. She could smell alcohol all over him. "how old are you" "18" she mumbled, wavering. He grabbed her blouse and he attempted tearing it off, it was impossible with one hand. Elle struggled to restrain him, he threw down his knife, pinned her closer to the car and he tore off her blouse. She rushed her fist at his chest, "let me go, let me go." she yelled, she was not gagged, but she could not push him off, he was too strong. he kissed her face roughly as she doddered, trying to avoid him. He went for her bra as fast as possible and at the same time he tried pulling up her skirt with his right hands. Right then she slipped out of his grip, he held her by her wrist, pulled her closer and jerked her off her feet. "help help" she yelled constantly. 


Out of the darkness appeared two glowing eyes. It appeared right on the car. "Let her go" the voice broke out of the extreme darkness, the eye had not come alone, it came with a speaking body.


AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope