Blood and Gold episode 26

Smoke filled the small room with five men in it. They were in uniform. Two were seated in an arm chair, their face hard, and their eyes glowed in the dark. They had if fixed against two large metallic box big enough to contain a full grown man. Three other men stood opposite a large opening on the wall, it was too big to be called a window. Noting was covering it not even a light piece of net.

The cold rushed in again and one of the men let go of the big machine gun automatically fixed on the lower frame of the opening. He rubbed his hands against each other and he exhaled. His breath was bad, he knew it. He had been on duty for 48 hours now and all he had in was just smoke for his lungs. 

The other man standing next to him, stopped peering through the lenses of the binoculars he had in his hands. He signalled to the third man who was at the other end. He was holding on to a long metallic object

 It looked like a rocket luncher but it had a bright lamp attached to its end. "West" The man with the binoculars said. The light travelled from the left side of the tall wall running around the huge prison fence and it went west. The guy with the machine gun worked with them, making sure his gun was also facing west. 

a cracking sound was produced all of a sudden. The three men looked back. The two other men in the room were up with a rifle in their possession they moved towards the metallic box on the right. That box had just been moved in some few hours ago. They had no knowledge about what was in it. The sound continued. It was like someone was trying to force open the box. The five men moved closer to the box. A torch in the possession of one of the men. The sound stopped but their gaze was still locked on it. 

Something hit one of the men out of no where and he fell to the ground. He was now laying flat on the floor and the four other men looked at him from an height, confused. They had no Idea about what was happening until another man flew out of the window. The second man grabbed his riffle knowing what was happening. The riffle jumped out of his hands like some one snatched it off, and in a blink he was jumping out of the opened wall. The two other men, stood on their balls, They had their fist drawn as they struggled to keep their heart out of their mouth. The torch was laying on the ground not far away from one of the man's feet. It had fallen off the hand of the man that was thrown out of the window. It still gave the room a partial illumination. The rifle stood up all of a sudden all by it self. No one was behind it. It floated in the air and it was turned all of a sudden facing them. They looked at each other, fear holding down their breath, and they rushed at the open wall, jumping out through it with out a second thought. They had forgotten they were on the apex of a watch tower. The riffle fell into the ground and after about a minute the sound came up again. It got louder and after about a minute the box on the right was opened. It had a man in it. It was Tega.

Tega was in a standing position, his face was white. It looked like he had frozen. His frozen state had enabled him to maintain a standing position. Zitch had sealed him with that way. So he would last a decay behind the box. With his senses turned off and his heart still beating. The thick lashes on his lid flicked open all at once, reavling his black angry eyes. 


Zitch broke into ISG with so much rage that he forgot he was in the most secured prison in the world as he finally stepped into the moment he had so long awaited. He had always envisioned him self, discovering the Gold cave and wiping out the whole of leva clan. He had played his cards right by Extracting all he needed from Elthad before breaking his neck. Now he knew the two men he was in search off, were been locked off in boxes up in ISG watch tower where no man who have ever thought about. He had sworn to bend all he had to. Just to make sure he wasn't leaving that night without the readings to the map. 

Zitch stepped into the elevator after he had broken into the prison. jumping out of the thin air. Soldiers ran after him. They shot at the elevator while it began it jerky accent. He smiled staring at the holes in his over coat. Those where the spots bullets had hit him accidentally. He pushed apart the elevators grille noticing it had come to a stop. He was shocked to notice no one was on the last floor to attack him Not even one solider. Every where looked devastated, filled with dead bodies laying in the pool of their own blood. His eye broke into the long dark passage and he sighted where he was up to. Where the bodies were sealed the peak of ISG watch tower.

He walked through the body filled passage, looking through his thick lashes. His small lips fixed and hard. He sensed things were not right as his gaze captured light on the wall, it wad from the watch room. The door was slightly opened so he pushed it off a bit and he frowned as he spotted the body of Tega's dad. He had gone white and lean, His skin were dry and peeling, there was no blood in him. His bones were exposed and his jaws apart, but Tega's body wasn't in sight. 

Zitch sniffed as he lowered his height. He opened his palm wide and he touched the head of the body. His eyes glowed, quick shock ran through him He had seen what he wanted. He frowned, it wasn't a good news. He heard the elevator's engine sound and he glared. He stood quickly and he stretched his hands to the west. The very side the elevator was. Although it wasn't visible but he could see it in his head. He Said some incantation and he listened again. He could hear the elevator's sound no more. He wasn't bothered about what had happened all he wanted to happen had happen and the rest doesn't matter. No one could come up through the elevator again and the stairs was just to long to scale.

He squatted again and he picked up Tega dad's hand. His frown grew thicker noticing the mark on his hand had vanished. No one had to tell him Tega had extracted something from him. 

"Hey" Zitch whirled around quickly, he gave out a look of surprise as a blot of shock broke through his nerves. He should have felt his presence the very moment he stepped in, he had a backing- Zitch knew right away. 

Zitch attempted a stand up and before he was done, Tega was jumping at him. His fist tightened and in alignment with his face. Zitch speed was double Tega's. It was confirmed as he was caught in Zitch's grip. His fingers digging into Tega throat as he tightened his grip. Tega let go of an hot scream as he sense air been trapped in his lungs. 

A cloven of fire appeared on Zitch's free hand, the fire grew wider. It was blue and it burned like a torch. Zitch looked down and he frowned. Something was going rung. He was unable to move up his left hands. Tega laughed. Zitch grip on his throat was loosing. "You aint the only one who can practice magic" Tega said out in a cough. 

Zitch threw Tega at an opposite wall angrily and he held his left hands. He felt someone else was in the room holding him down. His eyes glowed all of a sudden. It was like a burning torch. white fire covered his right hand and he threw it at the left side of the room. The fire hit an invisible figure close to the wall and it began to spread till it took the shape of a lady. Now that he could see who the person was he was ready for a second strike. He threw the blue fire at the form in white flame and the the image vanished. 

Tega rushed at him from the side, it was a wrong move. He was catch up again in Zitch's claws. Before he could put up a struggle his neck had been broken after a quick snap from Zitch. He slid a wooden stake out of his coat and he buried it into Tega's chest. He threw him at the wall and he watched him crash into the ground. 

He was done, his eyes widen and the light in it began to vanished. Anger had driven him the wrong way. He had taken the wrong move. He shouldnt have killed Tega when he had not gotten the map readings. He planned to thrust the magical stake which was the only end of a Lobrist life through Tega's heart after he had gotten the readings. 

He moved towards the body on his right which belongs to Tega's dad and he leaned over it. He stretched his palm for a touch and before a contact could be made. He held a distinct sound on the left. 

Zitch whirled around only to see tega up again. A stake in his heart and his eyes burned like hell. He held the stake and he pulled it out with a wide scream. Zitch stared at him, fear in his eyes, His heart hammered faster against his ribs. He had not seen anyone survive the stake. 

Tega hit the ground falling on his kneels, striping off his shirt. He screamed again and light came out of his mouth, nose, ear and mouth. A scar began to grown on his hands like it was been written with light. 

Zitch sneered his eyes bumped up for an attack. He neglected the steps coming up the stairs and he rushed at Tega. Tega caught him up with a fist and he watched him fly into the wall. Zitch hit the wall aggressively. It was like his ribs had been crushed. He knew tega was different his pace and accuracy told it all. Tega walked towards him and he pulled him up by his suit, looking him up in the face. Blood rushing down his nose as he gave out a devilish smile. "Lets party" Zitch said and just as he was done speaking his head was hitting tega's. He let go of zitch's coat, struggling for balance. 

Tega glared at zitch in a close range and instead of him rushing at him for an attack. He whirled around and he faced the door his hands stretching towards it as he mumbled some uncleared word, sealing the door leading to the watch tower so no one would get in. He turned around with a speed of light, as his sense led him to action. He and sensed Zitch running at him. His hands holding on to Zitch's throat. He didn't stop squeezing until he heard the stake Zitch had in hands hit the ground. His eyes glowed and a bright blinding light came off it. He fell on his kneels and he let go of a wide scream. It was like something had taken over him. Various lines began to grow out of his skin like tattoos. It was no diagram or image. It was the map to the Gold cave. 

That was another opportunity for Zitch to make a strike and he acted based on his reasoning. He rushed at tega, planning to ripe off his head. But he was stopped, caught in the air as tega raised up his hands. He was like a magnetic force. He slowed zitch down making him stiff and unmovable as he pulled him closer to him self. He laid his hands on Zitch's head and the light in him went through Zitch rushing out of his bulged eyes accompanied by a wide scream. Zitch dropped to the ground after Tega had let go of the control he had on him. He had sucked out all of Zitch's power and he was ready to let him die. Zitch laid on the ground. His eyes closed, his heart hammered against his chest. His heart beat was loud and clear. He had now become a normal man, dominated with fear and curiosity, his soul had been permanently locked in his body. He now had a single life. Which would soon be taken. 

Tega looked back, he stretched his hands at the door way again and he muttered some unclear words. He waited for over 10 seconds then he could hear foot steps of angry soldiers heading for the room. He looked at the figure of a lady burning in blue flames, which was for recognition. She had appeared on his left. It was Mena he felt her soft touch and she held his hands. That was the only way out. The witch had told them. Now that Zitch was dead, Mena body would be restored as long as the witch was alive. The flame extended as it engulfed Tega, it was an harmless blue flame. They both vanished as the soldiers rushed angrily into the watch tower.


©Okhuoya Temitope