Blood and Gold 25

Eldath sat in one of the local inns in Sterl, he had just arrived Dolopa, East Sterl with armed men. He was sacred of death. He had just finished a bargain with the devil. Now he was prepared to drink himself to death. He had sworn not to die in the hands of any man. 

He pulled off his blue suit as heat burnt him from within, sweat breaking out on his fore head. a scowl locked in his gaze as a lady brought in a bottle of Podak and an empty glass.

She sat it on the table in his front. He had gotten Tega sealed but he was too foolish to let Zitch do the sealing. He thought he would reach the young witch so he would stop Zitch from tracking tega's body. But all of that had failed. Zitch played smart this time. He had gone through the back door, and he had killed the witch.  It all happened that same night. 

Eldath emptied his bottle and he filled it up again. Two men stood opposite him, guns in their hands. The curtains went opened again and a huge man stepped in, dressed in a black suit. He leaned on the door frame as he stood in the door way. Eldath looked up at the intruder. He didn't have to say a word. Two of the men in the room stepped forward and they approached the man. "Excuse me sir. This room is occupied." One of the men was saying as he extended his hands to lay hold of the huge man's suit. The huge man grab his wrist and he replied curtly. "I know" as he pulled him close to himself sending his kneels into his head and he threw him out of the opened the window. He crashed violently on one of the cars parked outside. 

The huge man's face changed as he looked up at Eldath who had already let go of hot shots in his pants. The huge man had now taken the form of the man he threw out of the window. No doubt, Eldath knew it was zitch. He looked at three other men in the room and he smiled. "What the hell are you waiting for. Take him down" Eldath yelled. One of the men cocked his gun pointed it at Zitch, his hands trembling and before he could pull his trigger. His neck twisted involuntarily to the right. Then he fell into the ground. 

Zitch grinned. He stretched his hands at the two other men and they flew backward crashing into the wall which threw  them back, laying them flat on the ground. 

Zitch whisked as he smiled. "Wao, This feels amazing." Zitch said, staring at his hands. Don't even try to shout." A smile rolled off his face. "No one will hear you" He continued looking into Eldath's face. "I have slayed everyone in here, Except you." Eldath lips vibrated as he stared at Zitch. "Oh don't be scared about what i just did. My killing list just hit 13000 Today i have unlocked the 6th seal." He stretched his hands at the table in front of Eldath and the glass upon it began to float in the air. He tightened his fist slowly and it sat gently on the table like it was never moved. "This is why i wont have to beg you to tell me where to find Tega in ISG. I will kill you and get if from you" He stretched his hands at Eldath. Eldath held his throat as he fought for breath. His legs were off the ground and he was floating into Zitch's opened hands. 

©Okhuoya Temitope