Blood and Gold Eps24

"My lady" A man with a gun bowed, he stood beside Elle's body laid under a thick cloth. A lantern in the left corner of the room, illuminating it. Mena stood steel beside the body laid on a long desk. She waited earnestly for the tall guy to pick up the lantern. 

Now he was with her, the lantern was raised as Mena pulled the cloth off Elle's face, her face was stiff and white, her eyes bulged and her mouth slightly open. It was a sign, she had died struggling. 

"How did she die" Mena asked, a scowl in her look, "A stab my lady. We found a knife in her stomach." The tall guy pulled the cloth down a little bit further, revealing Elle's stomach with a knife thrusting out. "No one will stab in this manner, the knife must have been twisted. You found her this way?" She asked looking him in the face. The other man collected the lantern from the tall man as he replied Mena. "Yes my lady. We found her this way. He twisted the knife in her and he let her bleed to death." "hmmmmm" Mena sighed. "Cover her" She said. She walked across the room waiting in the door way. The tall man joined her after about a minute. She looked back, the other guy was seated close to the Elle's body. The lantern had been restored to the very corner of the room it had been taken. 

They walked out of the underground tunnel, and they climbed a stairs at the end of the tunnel.

The tall man pushed off an heavy wood above him. It was at the end of the stairs. Light fell on them and they climbed up, back into the main building. 

Mena climbed up to the second floor alone. She walked towards the last door which was opened. 

"How is she?" The witch asked, "Dead." Mena replied. She walked into the room and she stood in front of the table she had prepared for the witch. Over 20 candles were burning above the table, a ceramic bowl, three bottles with a red thread tightened around their necks. "He dug a knife in her stomach" "Did he leave her to bleed to death" "Yes He did, and that was crazy of him" She replied, pitch went high. "I think we have a key" The witch lowered her hands and the flames on the candles stopped burning high. "Get me the knife" The witch requested. Mena glared at her, standing still. Her hands crossed against her chest. "What do you need that for?" She asked. "To release Tega" The witch replied with a smile. "I will cast a spell, using Elle's soul, tied to Zitch's body." "How will that work out." "Zitch owns the knife. Ella's blood is on it. I will use Elle's soul to break the sealing spell Zitch has on Tega" Mena nodded as she listened. "Anything else" Mena asked. "Yeah" The witch nodded, then she spoke. "You will have to realise Tega yourself. I will make you invisible." Mena's face harden as the witch proceeded. "And you will remain in that realm until Zitch dies." 

©Okhuoya temitope