Blood and Gold Eps23

"Where is she" A tall man asked as he stepped into the hallway. Another guy was in the narrow passage. He leaned on the walk his right leg held him up and his buttons supported his body as he leaned on the wall. He took a cigarette stick off his lips and he blew smoke into the face of the tall guy who was in front of him. His eyes red and strong. He looked like someone who should not be messed with. "You said what?" The red eyes guy asked as he kissed his half burnt cigarette stick again. "Can i see Our Lady pls?" The tall guy wavered. Fear in his tone. He looked like some one who had a lot to say. Something dangerous had happen, Mena needed to hear this.- "She is up there" The red eyes guy replied, he looked unconcerned as he blew smoke again into the roof. The tall guy walked pass him, going deep into the hallway, till he vanished, walking in the dark section of the passage. He sighted the ray of light fall on him again and he smiled, now that he could see himself. He looked up at the Old and dusty stairs which led to the second floor.

The tall man held on to the rails as he climbed hurriedly up the stairs. He walked pass the dangling bulb illuminating the stairs, and he frowned. His eyes on the Door in front of him. He kicked it open and he heard it crash blindly against the wall. Dust was deposited into the air, and he paid for his doing with a cough . His eyes pierced into the passage again and he sighted the door to the last room opened. 

He moved swiftly across the passage, his hands resting on the wall and his focus pegged on the opened door. "Hey!" A thin voice came at him from behind, making him stop dead in his track. He made an involuntary sniffed and his heart thumbed twice faster creating an increase in the tempo of it's beat. "Seems you were looking for me" the voice hit him the second time before he could make a complete turn. He was now looking a lady in white long gown like a wedding dress in the door way. The same path he had walked through. He walked back hurriedly to her, and he fell down at her feet. She stood before him her hands crossed against her chest, a thick frown registered on her face. "What did you see" Mena asked. "Permit your servant to speak my lady." "Speak on" She said. He looked up at her, his wide palm closed against each other as he spoke. "My lady, Ella is dead!!!". The scowl on Mena's face grew harder, as she stared in disbelieve. 

©Okhuoya Temitope

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