Blood and Gold eps22

Ella walked down the tied road, whose route parted leath street into two unequal halves. The moon lighted her path, and her long shadow taking root from her leg trailed her. She walked numbly in the cold. The dark and empty street made her feel she was taking a stroll in an abandoned cemetery . Danger clouded her mind as smoke tend to fill up her lungs. She coughed repeated as she walked down the road, her hands covering her mouth, she wouldn't want to be noisy. She was on alert, suspecting every sound. She held tight her long over coat to her body, making sure non of her body was left out to be eaten up by the cold, her hands and feet were the only part left out.

She looked up and she could recognise the large bill board at the end of the road, then she knew she would be going left on her left turn. She crossed from the right part of the road and she turned into the next junction on the left. Her foot steps increased as fear cut deep into her nerves, she could hear sounds, it came louder in her head. Images popped up her head, she wasnt in control no more, she couldn't shut them out. She had tried to but clearing her head seems impossible. Tega's cry for help became loud in her head, she felt like he was right in front of him. Her breath came harder as she heard a car ride pass the route she just left. She turned around again, focused. The building she was looking for wasn't near. She knew the description like a printed map in her head. She looked up and down, hopping she would come by it but she saw nothing. She had plied the road twice and it was in a vechile. The velchle's speed must have gone a long way to deceiving her, making her assume she could walk the way down again. 

Her strengths were wearing out and she could not run like she had been. 

She stopped all of a sudden startled. She looked up and she noticed she was close to the bungalow that caught her attraction the night she came, The moon settling over the bungalow made her curse. She was vexed at the moon following her everywhere. The stress she had been through made her more volatile than a concentrated acid ready to be spilled. She turned around swiftly knowing she had passed the building she was looking for, it was just new blocks away if she would take pleasure in walking back. 

-Mena better not be asleep- She though. She was scared of the stress of trying to wake the whole house. She would have to if that was the last she will do. She had watched Tega body been hauled into a Police car instead of an ambulance. She had more trapped under her tongue to be told. 

Right then she heard a sound behind her. Her courage shrank as she turned around in fear. She was now looking at tall man in an over coat and a knife acting as an extension from his hands. His eyes glowed in the dark. She knew who he was and she knew what the visit meant. 

©Okhuoya Temitope

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