Blood and Gold eps21

He had gotten out of the waiting room and he had faced the only way, which was to climbed up the building. That was just what he had to do to avoid Zitch and to reach Pale before Zitch does.

He felt the pipe running across the building as he held on to it. His next attempt to climb up a bit further failed, and he came crashing back into the ground. "Thud" came the sound as he landed on the ground like a bag of garbage thrown off a cliff. He felt a crack in his left rib cage. Then he scrambled back to his feet. He held on to his side in pain. His breath came out hard till the pain was no more. Zitch would out run him with all of this he was doing. 

Tega looked up again, his eyes pierced through the dark. Then he saw a lead pipe. He ran towards the wall again. Propelled himself into the air. His eyes tightly closed as his hands cling on the pipe. He tested it's strength, before he made any further movement. He was scared of falling off, if he starts climbing again. 

Finally he sighted the closed window on the third floor, and he climbed in with hope that his calculation was right. The lights went on and off, it was quick then it came on again. It was a sign Zitch had been in the room. He looked across the bed. It was pale's body laying motionlessly. 

Tega rushed towards the bed. He held pale's hands, it was cold. His lips had gone white. Definitely, Zitch had visited the room and he had gotten what he wanted. Tega curses under his breath. He spread his gaze all over Zitch's body, but he found nothing. He wanted a mark or something. 

His ears amplified, foot steps as it approached the room. He looked up at the window, confirming if it was opened. He let go off the Pale's body, and he rushed towards the window. His eyes on the lead pipe as he jumped down. His grip failed and he went straight to the ground. It was like he was going down into the earth. He crashed into the ground. Pain filled his body as he grunted in an attempt to lift him self off the ground. Then he felt it. That same feeling he felt, when Zitch was in his head. Zitch was at it again. He thought he was free from all of Zitch's pranks, when the witch helped out with the one spell that kept him tied to Zitch, but he forgot a new spell could be made. 

He screamed out loud, his voice filled the air. The window to his heart, darken and he fell into the ground as he blacked out. It was the same spell that was used to capture his father now Zitch had killed to birds with the same stone.

©Okhuoya temitope