Blood and Gold eps20

Tega held Ella taut like he would rip apart her arms. She felt his strength and she would have cried, if he held on any further. "Get in there and get it out of him" Tega said to her with a scowl. "No, I cant go alone. Pls come with me" She pleaded. He could feel the tension and the jitter running in her. Zitch was around the corner and he had to do all it took to see pale, before the whole issue metamorphosed into big trouble. 

Tega stole a glance at his wrist watch as Ella spoke to a nurse. She had a glass hung above her pointed nose as she consulted a clip board. "Pale Kaise. Right" Ella nodded. "Yeah" she said. Her words was a quick back up to her motions. 

"I cant let you in there" The nurse said. A frown on her face. "I was asked not to." Tega controlled his temper as he felt like shuting the nurse up. Ella touched him gently and she smiled back at the nurse. "I am his cousin" She replied. "Any ID card?" "No!!!!!!!" She replied curtly. "I wasnt prepared for any of this questioning." "Sorry. I cant let you see him." She said, then she walked away. 

Ella turned around facing Tega. pretending she was fine. "room 16D" she whispered her hands cross against her breast. Tega watched the nurse from afar, forcing her way through the bunch of people in the hall way, and he cursed under is breathe. 

He knew exactly what to do. "Wait here for me" He gave Ella a gently tap then he whirled around, only to see the light go off. His heart smashed against his rib cage as felt the presence of Zitch. "Stay low" he managed to pass a message to Ella as the waiting room got filled with various angry voices and heavy curse and the movement got intensified. Zitch eyes plowed it way through the dark room, then he sighted an open window of the far left. He wasn't concerned about his glowing eyes. Getting what he wanted from pale was worth the risk. 

©Okhuoya Temitope 

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