Blood&Gold Eps19

"Did she agree to help" Tega asked. His elbow leaning out of the car's window as he held on to the wheels. "Yeah she did. Thank God you didn't kill pale. This would have ended quick" Tega smiled, then he spoke again. Right in him was tension building up. He was scared Zitch might jump at him out of no where, and his race for freedom would end right away. Now that the witch had helped him with portions to restrain his midnight plague. He was a bit grateful. 

 "She had to change" Mena said, her wide smile. caught Tega's surprised eyes. He knew who she was talking about --the young girl Coming towards the car- "Take care" Mena said again as Ella held on to the car's door handle in an attempt to pull open the door. Tega held on to Mina's hand. Then he showed her what she had wanted to see. That feeling. She felt the shock run through her. It was like a spell. She locked her gaze quickly in the boundary of his eyes. Her breath went heavy as he held on to her wrist. 

Mena stood still in the dark watching Tega Ride off. She loved him with the whole of her heart and she wanted to be with him. His strength was like a promise of protection. She knew Zitch going down, meant she would be spending the whole of her life, being with that one man she wanted. She wasn't bothered about who he was. What he kept. Where he was going.

 Flashes of the first day they met popped up in her head. It was during winter. Late in the night. The cold kept her covered in a thick fur over coat. She had no where to stay. She was new in Sterl. Then he came that very night like a saviour. One Solid year had passed and it was just like yesterday to her. 

Tega stepped fully on the break pad. The tyre squealed as Ella held on to Tega for support. "What happened" She asked her face burned with the fire of curiosity. " I can sense his presence." Tega replied. "Who!!!" Ella asked. "Zitch" Tega answered, his face puckered as he stared at Ella. 

©Okhuoya temitope

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