Blood and Gold eps 18

Zitch's heart skipped a long beat as he shaded his thought over the dead body he had in the hallway. He lowered his hands then he rubbed his thigh gently.  The police looked down and before he knew what was happening. Zitch was sending his kneels into his face as he pulled his head closer with his left hand. The police laid helplessly on the ground. Blood running down his nose. Zitch leaned over him, grabbed his head and he twisted it to the left. He increased his height hitting his hands against each other. Then he leaned down again, grabbed him by his legs and he dragged him into the house. 

Zitch stood against a giant mirror. In his hands was a thick cover book. He glanced through it, an irritated look on his face. He nodded negatively as he slipped out of his pocket a Match stick. He Stroked it repeatedly. Finally there was a spark and the stick was on fire. He placed it under the book as he held on to it edge. He watched the book burnt in flames. 

He frowned staring at the ravaged room. His gaze fell on the pendulum clock on the ground. He picked it up, his hands going towards it's face as he attempted moving the clock's hand. 

The left side of the room shook as the wall closed up. He threw down the clock then he confirmed if the the book had totally turned into ashes. He pulled off the night gown he had on, feeling not too comfortable in his new skin. He smiled as he played with his breast. Then he frowned all of a sudden, feeling irritated. He Closed his eyes, his second finger against his middle finger. 

He stood still, his gaze locked in the glass as he started as his own reflection. It was now his real body. He looked younger. Every wrinkle on his face had vanished. He never planned shedding. But he had to. 

Zitch stepped out of the witch's house. He looked left, then on to the right. There He found the car the policeman came with. He adjusted the police cap he had on. Then he walked towards the car. 

Now that he had destroyed the only thing that could limit his ability. He had to find the one man who was the key to reading the map. Tega!