Blood and Gold eps 15. 


Tega pulled the wires together his hands closed on it. His eyes glowed and a wide spark was created. Right then the car roared into life. then he fired on. 

He rode violently into Leath street. A broad smile popped up his face noticing the police had missed him, he studied the sleeping beauty he had his back seat by staring at her through his front mirror. 

He pulled up reaching an old apartment at the end of leath street. Two men sighted him from afar as he stepped on the side walk and they moved towards him. "Get her out of the car, and keep your eyes on her." Tega ordered. "I never wanted to kill them" he said again, smiling as he noticed the two men couldn't take their eyes off his stained shirt. 

Tega approached the inner room of the apartment, He studied the beautiful mirror fixed to the walls and he smiled as he staring at the terrible artworks in the room.-It wasnt like the was seeing it for the first time-

"My lord" He heard a voice from behind. "Mena" he said as the voice rang a bell of recognising in his. A thick smile illumed his face as he twirled. His jaw fell apart. he was struck by the beauty on the impeccable face of the light skinned and gaunt girl standing in the door way. 

She moved the whole of her weight off her shoulder, taking it off the door frame. A bottle of Krepto in her hands and two glass cups accompanied it. "Mena. How was the trip, i never knew you will be back so soon. You look different, How is that possible in three days" Mena smiled, looking him from afar. She walked across the room and she confined one of the glass in his hands. "Now i see, your taste for blood has gone wide". She opened the bottle and she poured him a drink, Her gaze glued to his stained shirt. "Why don't we talk about, what i asked you to do for me." Tega sniffed then he continued "Did you get it done. I expect to hear you say that the witch casted a spell that tied you down for three days and she ran away. Then you came back." His face went puckered all of a sudden "do you expecting me to smile and drink while i still get controlled by that beast. I bet you have a better story" "Exactly, that was what happened" a frown appeared on tega's face. "But" mena continued. "i caught her sister. instead, she can do something similar." Tega offered a look sprayed with curiosity and this led him into monitoring Mena's lips.

Mena flicked her fingers and two men stepped in with a lady struggling to break off, she had a look of a wide lion and she was ready to slay anyone the moment she gets free. "Why is she struggling" tega asked, an irritated look popped up Mena's face. 

Tega moved closer to the struggling lady, his drinks in his hands untouched. "Whats your name, my lady" he asked as he stood in front of her, his fingers raising up her chin. "I will kill you" she said, her spit running down Tega's fttuace. One of the men behind the lady, swung his fist towards her face but it was caught in tega's grip in a blink. He hit the Guy with his wide palm and he watched him crashed into a wall far off. The lady wobbled in fear as she watched tega play a short drama. It was a quick show of strength. "Dear guest." he said with a scowl. "Nooooo." Mena pleaded. -The last time he addressed a lady that way. He broke her neck two seconds later- Tega looked behind, he saw the terror in Mena's eyes. It wasn't more than weakness to him. He looked back at the Struggling lady and before she could draw in her next breath She was falling off her feet as Tega gave her neck a slight and quick hit with his index finger. "Tega what have you done." Mena yelled from afar, scared to walk close to him. "Stop been scared, She will be up in 10 minutes" "we don't have time for that Tega. You have just 3hours left. If we don't break the spell, you will have to go back to Zitch for his touch or you die resisting it".  

Tega smiled, he lifted the glass towards his lips then he took a zip. "So my lady. Get her ready when she wakes, so i dont have to return to that bastard, and. ..." He stood still as he felt something struck him from within. His breath became heavy and his feet went weak, making him fall on his kneels. "Just a little portion of lime my dear." Mena said smiling picking up Tega's fallen cup. Tega had fell face flat on the ground and his drink running off out of this fallen cup.

AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope