Blood and Gold eps14. 


He wiped his lips, cleaning foster particles as he glowered. Then he spat into the ground, Watching one of the men trying to stand. His partner was already laying flat on the ground. He moved towards the police man who was trying to move and he sent his foot crashing on his right leg. There was a scream which developed into an echo from the man. He knew there was no way they he was going to trace him. 

He turned around and he took cursory steps towards Ella who he had blandly laid on the ground. All he had in his head was how he would run out of that street, before the police men he had in handcuffs got out and take him down. They were going to track him anyway. He never wanted to kill as much as he wanted to kick ass. A call to Zitch would have everything settled. At least he would know the next man he would be taking down. 

He hiked Ella off the ground carring her on his shoulder. She laid lifelessly on his shoulder, not making a move. Something else baffled him. That was why he hadn't killed pale. How come pale could bridle him from reading his memories. Pale had something else in his reach. He needed pale alive. He needed to know what pale did. He needed to know who else could stop a lobrist from going into their head. 

He approached a brown old Peugeot and he pulled open the back door. He laid Ella in it, Got into the driver's sit and he frowned as he noticed their was no key to put the car on motion. He stared at his fingers to see if it he could work something out without a key. -Hell no, that wasn't going to be possible-.

Just as he looked around, he noticed two naked wires trusting under the wheels. He pulled them together and he waited earnestly for a spark but their was non. Then he heard the chain of the grille been grabbed and pulled. He frowned knowing the policemen had gotten out of their handcuffs and they would be coming for his head in any moment. 

AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope