Blood and Gold eps 13. 


Boris pulled a chain attached to the Grille for control. Brown stopped by his side. Boris heart thumped faster as his gun was pointed at the Grille. Three other police men stood behind them all at alert, ready to puncture anything with their bullet. 

Boris pulled down the chain, and the grille moved up noisily. Lights showed up as the grill creep up. 

Boris spotted a thin figure standing, light casted his shadow linking it to theirs. "I will advice you all drop your guns." Tega's voice carried his message. He moved his knife closer to Ella's throat and a trickle of blood flowed out. She her breath with fear in consciousness. She would be dead soon thought. "Drop your weapons" Tega yelled again. His eyes glowed in the dark. There was this deep thing about his eyes. He looked like a wide wolf on the loose ready to take down anything. 

Brown looked down as he managed to restrain his pants from going wet. He locked gaze with Boris asking for what to me done. It was a visual communication. They heard pale groan on the ground. That was enough sigh he wasn't dead. But he might soon be. 

Tega pulled Ella closer to him self. and he added more pressure with the knife in her neck. One more move and she would be deep. Blood was already running down her neck.

 Brown threw his gun to the ground. Boris stared at him. Then he looked back at the other policemen, then he reduced his height, making him self close to the ground as he laid down his weapon the other policemen also copied him.

They all stood watching Tega, they had obeyed him,- so what's next-. 

"Let her go" Boris said in a bargaining tone. He stood in front of every one including brown who had gone the wrong way by not concentrating a deal before dropping his arms. No one wont be scared standing face to face with a monster. A blood draining beast. One who kills for a pleasure more than the feeling of fun been fulfilled. 

Tega saw the fear in their eyes. The way they looked at him said it all. "take off your handcuff" He said again. His eyes glowed as he spoke. They all took off their handcuffs. Out of fear, some had theirs fall into the ground as they trembled. 

Tega ensure they all had their self's handcuff then he said again. "Come over here". 

They obeyed without raising a voice. Boris curse brown under his breath for making the wrong move at first. Now he had successfully taken up the control stick. 

Tega Stood close to the door with Ella standing behind his knife. He took off the light and before anyone knew what was happening he was pulling down the grille. Locking them in the store house. 

Ella was going to be a problem, He spun her around making her face him and he hit a part of her neck with his finger, then he grabbed her preventing her from falling into the ground. He lifted her up. Carrying her on his shoulder. Then he sighted two police Men from afar coming for him. He laid her down gently and he ran towards the policemen. Two of them were nothing. The highest they would do was to shoot at him and his instinct was good at avoiding fast moving object. They were only lucky they had something that could inflict pain on him. He zoomed towards them as they shot blindly at him. Before they could pull the trigger twice. He was close enough. He swung his right feet at the first police guy kicking him off and immediately with his left foot he knocked down the policeman on his right. They all crashed unto the ground. But he fell instead resting on his hands. He did a quick stand up by springing himself back to feet.

 His fist tightened and he was ready to knock down anyone of them who was strong enough not to pass out. 

AUTHOR: Okhuoya temitope